Benefits of Dry Brushing

Whenever we hear of something that will result in perpetually glowing skin, we’re all ears. Dry brushing isn’t something we’d automatically add into our routine, especially if you’re always in a hurry. But when we hear about its lasting and positive effects, we’re definitely going to consider giving it a try. Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like, taking a brush with firm and natural bristles that you massage your body in an upward motion. The results are brightened, smoother, and healthier skin. While it isn’t the only solution to perfect skin there are other benefits to dry brushing that aren’t just exfoliation. Find below some of the benefits of dry brushing. 

Stimulates the Lymphatic System
Dry brushing can encourage lymphatic drainage. All blood carries lymph fluid, which is filtered through the lymph nodes. Dry brushing can help speed up the rate of pumping blood which in turn will aid the lymph nodes and ducts in the detoxification of the blood. 

Exfoliates your Skin
Naturally, the firm bristles of a dry brush will help loosen and remove dead skin cells. As a result, this exfoliation process will give you softer, more supple, and radiant skin. In addition, by clearing out clogged pores, your skin will be more receptive to the nutrients you provide it through your body care routine. 

Plumps your Skin
Given the natural plumping effect that dry brushing has on your skin, it can be claimed that the appearance of cellulite and other imperfections (ie. sun damage) are significantly reduced.

Increases Energy
For an all-natural and effective energy boost, implement dry brushing into your routine. Dry body brushing stimulates blood flow and circulation, and as a result will energize your mind, body, and skin. Given these effects, it’s advised not to body brush in the evenings or just before you sleep. 

Quick Tips for Dry Brushing

  1. Always brush in an upwards motion towards your heart, starting from under your feet.
  2. Use long, straight, and smooth strokes and match the sensitivity of your skin. Don’t apply too much pressure if you’re sensitive. Listen to your body.
  3. As dry brushing releases toxins from your body, try doubling the effects of the detoxifying process by drinking plenty of water after.

Try these Dry Brushes
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