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10 Makeup Must-Haves for Summer

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After winter hibernation, summer is the perfect opportunity to show off your new makeup products! There’s nothing better than refreshing your makeup routine and experimenting with new products. It’s time to get creative! 


1. Essentials, Cream Blush

The Essentials Cream Blush is one of those products that instantly revives your face most naturally. Especially because winter leaves you pale, this blush - in all its shades - will be the perfect addition to your base. Also enriched with Vitamin E, it will moisturize your skin after winter dryness. 

2. Kolagra, Advanced Eye Contour With Concealer
This Kolagra serum can act as a two-in-one to hydrate and replenish your puffy and dark under-eyes while concealing any imperfections in the area. Its formula is lightweight yet still acts effectively against dark under eyes, making it perfect for summer when the weather starts to warm up and water retention increases. 
3. Donna Natural, Highlighter Drops Bronzage

Because you’re likely to be pale during the winter season, this gold bronzing formula will give you the fake tanned look ahead of time. This dewy formula still gives you the ultimate shine, although it is made using all-natural products that won’t irritate your skin as the weather starts to warm up. 


4. Laque, Don't Let It Slide: Lift & Hold Clear Brow Gel

A good eyebrow gel is essential year-round, especially in the summer when humidity and heat kick in, and a stronger hold is needed. This Brow Gel by Laque is perfect for more outdoor time as it does not leave flaky excess product. 

5. Luna, Eye Liner (shade: Turquoise) 
This eyeliner is your best friend during the summer because the gel texture makes it safe for sensitive eyes that may be affected by the dust in the air during summer. Even so, the turquoise shade complements any eye colour and flatter eye features for a fresh summer look. 
6. Wet n Wild, Color Icon 10 Pan Palette
This Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette has the perfect soft shades for your uplifting summer makeup look. These ten fabulous shades can suit anything from a daytime natural look to an elevated nighttime look for the festival-filled season. 


7. Laque, Lip & Cheek Tint

This light yet pigmented lip and cheek tint is great to keep in your bag at all times for makeup touch-ups and natural-looking tans. Summer is known for many weather changes, and so the formula of this product allows you to hydrate your skin with every application. 

8. Gizmo, Strawberry Lip Gloss

This strawberry lip gloss by Gizmo has a formula that’s great for the summer climate as it hydrates you and has a simple pink, shiny finish on any lip shade. Use it to follow the Laque Lip & Cheek Tint for an extra look. 

9. Cybele, Old Pink Gel Lip Liner

This gel-based lip liner by Cybele is the ultimate long-lasting lipliner for completing a refreshing yet natural makeup look. Although the color is vibrant, it is suitable for all skin types, from pale to tan. 

10. Amanda Milano, Lip Oil (shade: Clear)

The Amanda Milano Lip Oil has a unique formula with Argan oil, Jojoba oil, and Avocado oil - three of the most hydrating and nourishing oils. Because of its hydrating yet glossy finish, this product is a summer essential and could be a great additive to the Cybele Old Pink Gel Lip Liner. 

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