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5 Products to Keep your Hair Summer Ready

This time of year garners a lot of beauty attention. We spend a lot of time focusing on exfoliating and moisturizing our bodies in preparation for all the exposure they’ll receive. However, there’s one area that will need a little extra attention during the summer, your hair. From all the sun, salt water, and chlorine exposure it’s no question that your hair can get damaged, dry, and prone to breakage. There are ways that you can mitigate this damage and keep your hair healthy and strong all summer long. Find our favorite summer hair products below.

Eva Cosmetics, Sun & Sea Hair Sun Protection Spray SPF 15
This hair spray is specially formulated to help protect your hair for the damage, dryness, split ends, breakage, loss of proteins, and degradation of pigment caused by UVA & UVB harmful sun rays. Formulated with coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E this protection spray will keep your hair hydrated, shiny and smooth all summer long.

Braes, Il n’y a pas le feu! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
During the summer, deep conditioning is no question. Using a hair mask consistently throughout the summer is a sure fire way to keep your locks healthy, hydrated, and strong. This specific hair mask will work to hydrate your scalp and follicles and will instantaneously replenish your hairs’ natural elasticity and shine.

ORS, Fortifying Argan Hair Oil
Argan oil is a powerhouse ingredient when it comes to your hair. It’s a tried and tested ingredient that truly lives up to all its hype. This one from ORS is formulated and infused with a blend of other potent essential oils, such a rosemary oil, that will effortlessly work to strengthen and nourish your hair. This oil is perfect to add in after a shower to give your hair an extra level of nourishment.

In Natural, Bone Marrow Conditioner
The benefits of bone marrow for your hair are lengthy and impressive. Marrow contains fatty acids and multivitamins that will work to stimulate your hair and as a result promote healthy hair growth. This conditioner will help restore extremely damaged hair and add the necessary hydration to replenish and restore softness and shine.

Trace Cosmetics, Liquid Magic
This hair oil from Trace is the perfect product to carry around in your beach bag. This oil will nourish, strengthen, and soothe your hair. Perfect to add into your hair before and after swimming, the blend of natural and multipurpose essential oils will enrich your hair, ensuring shiny and lustrous locks.

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