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5 Sun Loving Products

If there’s ever a time for you to treat yourself, it’s this summer. With the warmer days quickly approaching and the weekend getaways becoming more frequent, it’s the perfect time to indulge yourself and boost your summer beauty and skincare products. From nourishing your hair to achieving a glowing complexion find our 5 sun-loving products below.

Luna, Sun Tan Oil
This tanning oil allows you to enjoy the sun whilst also nourishing and protecting your skin. Not only does this tanning oil contain SPF15, but it is also formulated with concentrated carrot oil ensuring that you’ll achieve a warm, golden, and overall glow, perfect for summer.

Eva Cosmetics, Collagen Facial Sunblock
Protecting your skin is the most important thing, especially during the summer. This facial sunblock will give you the highest degree of protection, keep your skin hydrated and as a result help prevent the signs of ageing.

Essentials, Hydrating Facial Mist
Stay refreshed and cleansed with this hyaluronic acid facial mist. Formulated to lock in moisture, this mist contains soothing aloe vera and will effortlessly work to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

NOON, Body Bronzer Honey
Enhance your tan with this natural bronzer that will perfectly blend into your skin. The shimmer will amplify your tan and will give you a sunkissed glow perfect for nights out.

EarthBath, Citrus & Argan Leave-In Spray
Keeping your hair healthy during the summer seems to be a more taxing task, given the frequent sun and sea exposure. This leave-in spray is infused with argan, lemon, and orange oils, aloe vera, and rosemary extracts and will protect your hair from heat damage.

Imtenan, Aloe Gel
If you happen to get sunburns or harsh rashes, then this aloe gel will be ideal for you. This all-natural gel will soothe and cool damaged skin and ensure that hydration is restored. This summer essential will keep your skin healthy all summer long.

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