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5 Tips for Soft, Silky Hands

Your hands can sometimes be the most overlooked body part when it comes to your beauty routine, considering how much we use them. When you think about it, your hands are overexposed to sunlight and other environmental aggressors on a daily basis. This can sometimes really take a toll on the condition of your hands and nails, resulting in dry, chapped hands. Check out our favourite tips and tricks to combat dry hands and get silky smooth skin.


The easiest way to achieve soft skin is to utilise an exfoliator or scrub. You may not think to exfoliate your hands, but using a gentle scrub on the palms of your hands and fingers will help remove any build-up of dirt and dead skin, and allow hand creams and moisturisers to absorb much more efficiently. Try the Body Bloom, Dahlia Hand & Body Scrub to achieve smoother hands.

Treatment Oil

Essential oils have the ability to completely revitalise the elasticity and state of your skin. This Hand Treatment Oil from Noon is perfect to include in your daily routine and will intensely hydrate your skin and eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Overnight Mask

An overnight mask is the quickest and easiest way to boost the hydration of your hands. Before you sleep, lather your hands in your favourite lotion or balm, and cover with a pair of gloves. By morning you’ll find that all the cream has been absorbed and you’ll have extremely soft hydrated hands. We recommend using the Essentials, Multi-Purpose Balm.

Moisturise Daily

It may seem really simple, but the way to maintain soft hands is to moisturise all the time. Every time you wash your hands, make sure you have a hand lotion with you to immediately hydrate. The frequent use of hand lotion will maintain hydration levels and keep your hands soft and smooth. Keep the Urban Ducks, Winter Citrus Hand Lotion in your purse for easy everyday access.

Cuticle Care

Your nails and cuticles are an important part of your hands, and keeping them healthy is ideal to the overall state of your hands. The first tip is to always push back your cuticles and get rid of those cutters. Cutting your cuticles can make them grow rougher and more unevenly. It’s best to push them back gently. Following this step with cuticle oil, will allow them to stay hydrated and healthy and also help boost the strength of your nails, essentially improving the overall appearance and feel of your nails and hands. One of our favourite cuticle oils is the Joviality, Strong n’ Long Nail oil.

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