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6 Tips For an Easy Fast

Ramadan is finally here, and it’s a time of reflection, celebration, and spiritual growth for many of us. But fasting can be hard for some of us, especially during the first few days. That’s why Source Beauty is giving you the ultimate guide to making fasting a bit easier for you. With tips to get you through your day, and products to keep your body hydrated, this guide will make fasting a breeze!

1: Hydrate Your Skin

Just because you can’t drink water during the day, doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an excuse not to get your necessary daily water intake. But don’t you forget hydration doesn’t just come from water. You can keep your skin hydrated and glowing by using skincare products like serums, moisturizers or facemasks! We recommend Kolagra’s Skin Serum, Shimmering Body Lotion by Joviality and Bobana’s Skin Hydrating Pomegranate & Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask.

2: Have a Healthy Iftar

When fasting, it’s important to make sure you are eating healthy, nutritious meals. Ensure you include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet. You should also limit your intake of processed foods and sugary snacks. Eating healthy will help you stay sharp and focused throughout the day.

3: Start Taking Vitamins

After Iftar, why not incorporate some vitamins into your daily routine? Your body is going to thank you the next day, and you can rest easier knowing your body has all the nutrients and vitamins it needs. Not to mention, this will most definitely help your fast! You could try some vitamins like Valudal (Vitamin D3 Gummies), Omega Rx or Fevitro Lactoferrin Vitamin C, Folic acid & Zinc.

4: Get Enough Sleep

Making sure to get a sufficient amount of sleep when fasting is critical. Not only does it keep your energy levels up throughout the day, but it will promote concentration and attention. Aim to clock in eight hours each night, and make sure to allot time for rest regularly. If you’re having a hard time falling asleep at night, you can try spraying this Deep Sleep spray by Areej on your sheets during bedtime!

5: Exercise

Exercising is a great way to keep your body healthy while fasting. This will help you stay invigorated and also help you stay focused and alert. Try to do some light exercise each day, such as walking or yoga.

6: Take Time for Yourself

Fasting can be stressful for many of us, so it’s important to take some time for yourself. Make sure to take regular breaks throughout the day and take some time to relax and meditate. This will help you stay focused and energized throughout the day.

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