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Greasy Hair Hacks

Greasy hair is something we all dread. Whether you have naturally oily hair or you’re simply looking for a way to keep your locks looking fresh in between wash days, we’ve got you covered. From different products to use to simple tips and tricks, find our hacks to achieve cleaner and healthier looking strands.

  1. Clean out your Hair Brush
    Oil and leftover product will generally remain in your hair brush, meaning every time you brush your hair some of that residue will transfer. Cleaning out your hairbrush regularly is a simple and effective way to combat oily hair. If you’re in need of a hairbrush that tames your tangles and removes knots, this Ultra Tangle Tamer from Denman Brushes is a great one to add to your beauty arsenal.
  2. Clean your Pillow Cases
    Similar to that of the hair brush, hair and skincare products will easily transfer to your pillowcase. That residue can not only make your hair greasy but can also clog up your pores. Washing your pillow cases regularly will help prevent this from happening. Another great tip, switch to silk! Silk pillowcases will control the sebum from your hair. Try this Silk Pillowcase from Sleek.
  3. Don’t Overwash
    Washing your hair too much can result in greasier locks. Washing your hair removes sebum, your skin’s natural oil. When you overwash, that can result in your body overproducing sebum to compensate for the dry scalp. Try keeping your hair dry once or twice in a week to maintain a healthy sebum production
  4. Use Sulfate Free Shampoos & Conditioners
    Shampoos and conditioners that are free of sulfates are a good choice for those who generally have oily scalps. Sulfates act as cleansing agents and can often overly strip the oils from your scalp. This Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner from EverYoung will deeply hydrate and balance oily hair, leaving your locks healthy.
  5. Don’t use too much product
    It’s best to really minimize the amount of products you use if you’re prone to getting oily hair. If you’re using a proper and balancing shampoo and conditioner, there’s not really anything else you need to add in. If you do feel the need to add in extra products, be mindful of the amount you’re adding in.

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