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Best Bum Ever

When out of sight, out of mind does not apply unless you’re in front of the mirror, it’s a good reminder to take a little extra care of your booty. So resort back here for how to boost your confidence when you check your derrière by embracing a targeted routine. Before you start squatting like you’re in boot camp, read on to discover how to enhance the beauty of your bum naturally.

Get a Smooth Bum

As with the rest of your skin, don’t ignore your bum when you reach for the body butters. A rich lotion or balm will absorb well and release maximum hydration to ensure a smoother bum. For a hit of bumbastic smoothness and heavenly smell we love Essentials, Ylang Ylang Vanilla Body Butter and Essentials, Multipurpose Body Balm.

Get a Firm Bum

Caffeine is the top ingredient to look for when making the best bum beauty decisions. It not only helps to circulate your blood flow which will plump up your skin to create a firm exterior, but it will also re-energise your skin to enable the ultimate nourishment for your behind. Urban Ducks, Coffee Scrub with Vanilla is a great pick for your bum routine, and the Areej, Body Tone helps minimise the look of stretch marks leading to firmer skin.

Get a Clear Bum

Just as with your face, breakouts on your bottom can be caused for a variety of reasons including dirt, sweat, bacterial build-up and also the blockage of hair follicles. Especially if you are used to wearing tight pants or jeans that don’t help your bum breathe, Moreover, sitting down for too long, you can be prone to bum acne. If this is your case, then treat your butt as you would your face using Body Bloom, Tea Tree Clearing Facial Scrub followed by a rich cellulite treatment like Dosha, Mud Mask For Face and Body.

Massage your Bum

While you can opt for regular massages professionally, your entire body will benefit but for now the focus is getting your bum on point. Choose the do it yourself method using the Cellulite Kit which contains a special dry body brush that targets cellulite using specific knobs and bristles to massage your bum in circular motions first followed by Smack That Scrub, Cinnamon, Coffee & Coconut Oil Body Scrub to improve blood circulation while eliminating toxins and providing extra moisturising effects, last step in your routine is applying Saskia, Anti Cellulite Massage Oil after to ensure a deeper effective treatment.

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