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Once Upon A Dream

Is getting a good night sleep a daunting task? With life being so fast-paced getting the restorative rest that your body needs seems impossible. It’s taking a toll on your energy and under eyes. Maybe Sleeping Beauty was onto something. Does sleep equal beauty? We have your essential guide for getting the proper rest you need (it all starts with what you do before bedtime!). We’ll have you well-rested and radiant like Sleeping Beauty in no time with our princess-worthy nighttime routine.

Draw a Princess Worthy Bath
Have a warm bath using the Norshek, Rose Hex Spirit Salts. These bath salts will help promote a more relaxed and soothing environment all whilst relieving pain and softening your skin. Add a few drops of Sensera Aromatherapy, Lavender Oil for a deeper infusion of relaxation and concentrated benefits for a tranquil night.

Bedtime Ritual Body Butter
Set the tone for a luxurious lather with the Chaos, Sleep Natural Skin Cream enriched with both jojoba oil and chamomile water, which will work to not only restore dry skin, but will also help soothe and relax your body ensuring you’re ready for bed.

Boost Your Snooze
Face it we can all use a deeply moisturizing overnight treatment like the Nut Botanicals, Midnight Soldier Facial Oil which will relieve dehydration, improve skin elasticity, and regulate sebum production.

Night Cap
For hair protection, while you doze off let the Bless, Satin Bonnet do the job. Whether you’ve already styled your hair, or tend to suffer from extra frizz, this cap will protect your locks from breakage and split ends and keep your style in tact.

Mist Away Into The Night
Mist your face with Areej, Blue Chamomile Floral Water. As we sleep water retention builds up, so calm your skin overnight with this anti-inflammatory aromatherapy spray. Followed by your new favorite pillow spray Areej, Deep Sleep infused with French Lavender you will sleep faster and wash away any anxiety from the day.

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