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The Best New Buys For August

August, is the month when our summertime feels are at an all-time high. We’re looking and feeling our best with golden tans and sunkissed hair. Read on for our favorite products that will keep your glow going all throughout the month.

Local Brands

Juzour Botanica, Hair Growth Blend

With our hair being constantly exposed to the sun and saltwater, a nourishing hair product is exactly what is needed to keep it looking healthy. This Hair Growth Blend by Juzour Botanica will help boost your hair strength and growth through a combination of powerful hair-loving oils like potent garlic oil, rosemary oil and castor oil. Watch as this blend reduces hair breakages, and hair fall while soothing your scalp and adding shine.

Hathor Organics, White Lotus Lily Blossom Body Splash

These newly released long-lasting, fine fragrance mists are so pleasantly refreshing. Our favorite scent, the White Lotus Lily Blossom, features a blend of scents that are floral, bright, fresh, and uplifting.

Raw African, Intense Hydration Facial Cream

Give your skin a much-needed moisture boost with the new Intense Hydration Facial Cream by Raw African. Its star ingredient, collagen, plays a vital role in providing your skin with improved elasticity and hydration. This cream also works to protect your skin against harmful UV rays and the inclusion of natural oils will help to moisturize and replenish the skin. Extra points for the amazing scent!

Infinity Naturals, Relaxing Body Sea Salt Scrub with Lavender Essential Oil

What better way to end a long day at the beach than with a relaxing body scrub? Made with nourishing ingredients like dead sea salt, lavender oil, and shea butter, this scrub will not only work to relax your senses but to also heal irritated skin and reduce redness. This body scrub is especially useful for scarred or acne-prone skin.

Eva Cosmetics, Collagen Facial Sunblock

A collagen-infused sunblock? Add to cart. Collagen is a great ingredient to include in your skincare routine during the summer as it promotes skin elasticity and moisture, giving your face a youthful glow. This SPF 50+, collagen infused sunblock will help protect the skin against harmful rays while providing it with beneficial nutrients and as a result, effectively prevent signs of aging.

International Brands

Shiseido, Clear Sunscreen Stick SPF50+

Speaking of sunscreen (what’s more important than UV protection?), this Clear Sunscreen Stick by Shiseido is a summer must-have. A perfect and creative on-the-go product, it works over and under makeup for sun protection by creating an invisible and protective, quick-absorbing lightweight barrier that becomes more effective in water and heat. All you need to do is glide this water-resistant, ocean-friendly sunscreen stick on your skin for easy, portable coverage, anytime and anywhere.

Herbivore, Moon Dew 1% Bakuchiol + Peptides Retinol Alternative Eye Cream

This newly launched, top-rated eye cream has quickly become a fan-favorite. A 100% plant-based, retinol-alternative eye cream, the Moon Dew is a line-filling cream powered by one percent bakuchiol and plant peptides that will quickly and visibly tighten and smooth the eyes for a lifted appearance.

Living Proof, Triple Bond Complex

Scientifically proven to make hair 8 times stronger, the Triple Bond Complex is a no-rinse treatment that makes hair more resistant to future damage while adding softness, smoothness and shine. It will offer heat protection and reduce the appearance of split ends, leaving the hair feeling very healthy and full of life- a summer pouch essential.

Rose Inc., Solar Infusion Soft Focus Cream Bronzer

We love everything about Rose Inc. The dainty packaging, their attention to detail and most importantly, their super effective products. Our newest favorite, the Solar Infusion Soft Focus Cream Bronzer, is a smoothing cream bronzer that instantly warms the complexion with a sun-kissed glow while reviving the skin’s radiance. Its core ingredients, Tourmaline & Quartz, Rose Oil & Squalane will provide the skin with a subtle radiance and weightless hydration.

BondiBoost, Hair Thickening Therapy Shampoo

Who doesn’t crave thicker, fuller hair that is full of shine? Suitable for all hair types, this BondiBoost shampoo is a gentle, vegan cleanser that lifts hair at the roots while expanding every strand thanks to its main ingredient, hyaluronic acid, to quickly leave you with visible volume and thickness.

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