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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while it’s all about appreciating your loved ones and pampering them, it brings a lot of gift-buying stress. Especially for all of you fellas out there, we know it’s not easy to think of the perfect gift for your lady. While the skincare and beauty world can be quite intimidating, we’ve made buying the perfect present easier than ever. With three new Valentine’s Day beauty bundles and plenty of duo products that not only go together, but come with a discount, this Valentine’s Day gift guide will help make your loved one happy, while saving you a fortune!


Ala Baly Bundle

This Source Beauty bundle features products that will surely get you that girl. From fabulous fragrances to soothing beauty products, this Valentine’s Day bundle has it all!

Khali El Banat Tehebak Bundle

This bundle features some beauty products that will keep your lady pampered and feeling refreshed, not to mention products she would use in her everyday routine. Consider your date secured this Valentine’s Day!

Dala’ni Bundle

With beauty products that will keep her pampered and luscious and captivating scents, this bundle screams, “you’re loved!“ this Valentine’s Day.

Perfect Matches:

The Soft & Smooth Perfect Match

For skin that’s smoother than ever, this Soft & Smooth Perfect Match is a must-try! This dynamic duo of products work together perfectly to give you healthier and more glowing skin. This couple includes the Pineapple & Vanilla Body Scrub by Earthowls, which buffs away dreaded dead skin and reveals ultra-soft, hydrated, and lightly scented skin, and the Eternal Sprout Nourishing Body Lotion, by Laque, which nourishes, replenishes and continuously restores dry skin!

The Plump Lips Perfect Match

For soft and supple lips, this Plump Lips Perfect Match is a perfect choice! This dynamic duo is exactly what you need for a sexy pout. This couple includes the Lip Scrub by Joviality, which exfoliates your lips and rids you of any dead skin or chap, and the Bisou Lip Oil by Braes, which gently hydrates, smoothes and softens your lips!

The Curling Perfect Match

For the bounciest curls, this Curling Perfect Match is a saving grace for all you curly-heads out there! This dynamic duo is all you need for healthy and defined locks, which can be difficult to achieve. This couple includes the Pull the Curl Trigger Cream by Locken, which triggers your natural curl pattern and reveals long-lasting, frizz-free, shiny and super-defined locks, and the Frizz off Towel Medium by The Hair Addict, which is made of the softest, lightest microfiber blend that ensures protection from flyaways, frizz and breakage!

The Hair-Growth Perfect Match

For long and luscious hair, this Hair-Growth Perfect Match is everything you need to grow healthy and fabulous hair. This dynamic duo is perfect for those who have tired follicles and need a little booster to rock long locks. This couple include the famous Follicle Booster by Raw African, which contains flaxseed and rosemary oils that boost your hair growth process, and the Infitin Biotin Gummies by Infinity Pharma, which is well known for its positive effects on hair, including shine, volume and scalp coverage.

The Hydrating Perfect Match

This Hydrating Perfect Match is the ideal choice for long-term hydration. This duo works perfectly to give your skin a hydrated complexion and a fabulous glow. This couple includes the Vitamin C Sheet Mask by Bobana, which works to deeply moisturize your skin all while softening it and reducing the appearance of fine lines, and the Keracell Hydravital serum by Rhea Beauty, which is a high-performance formula that helps enhance skin strength and elasticity, providing visibly improved skin texture!

The Protective Perfect Match

This couple includes the Vitamin C Facial Cleanser by Dr Rashel, which contains antioxidants that repair and protect the skin from environmental damage and sun exposure, and the Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50+ by Infinity Naturals specially formulated to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays whilst also keeping your skin hydrated!

The Refreshing Shower Perfect Match

For a relaxing shower, this Refreshing Shower Perfect Match is the perfect shower gel and loofah power duo for the shower of your dreams. This dynamic duo includes the Bubblegum Shower Gel by Kyra Naturals, infused with almond oil that indulges your senses and provides a rich lather for soft and cleansed skin, and the Luff Your Skin loofah, which cleanses your skin of any dead cells and impurities.

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