Haircare During & Post Workouts

 We’ve all been there, working out and hair upkeep is a juggle. At the end of every workout comes the same question, “What should I do with my hair?” When you’re working out every other day using regular shampoo and conditioner that much post-workout can wreak havoc on your strands. Don’t compromise your hair strengthening journey when you’re in the process of bettering yourself. Follow these suggestions to make your hair as strong as your body.

Dry Shampoo is your best friend, especially if you use it before your workout. Using your fingers, work the dry shampoo in sections, keeping the product close to the roots of your hair. It does an expert job at soaking up the oil and debris that will be produced during your workout. But, refrain from using it on hair that is drenched with sweat because that causes the dry shampoo powder to cake up and form an unsightly mess on your scalp. Try Donna Natural’s, Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair or Light Hair.

Get a Headband and reduce the amount of sweat in your hair after your workout by wearing one the next time you hit the gym. A sweat-absorbing headband absorbs the sweat from your scalp instead of leaving your hair in a sweaty mess as you walk out of a pilates class.

Co-Wash, if you worked out in a yoga class or another lightweight exercise you can skip the shampoo after. By using a Joviality, Natural Conditioner to only wash your hair, you can still get any build-up removed gently with extra moisturising properties rinsed out within a co-wash to keep your hair smelling fresh for the rest of the day.

Sulfate-Free Shampoo, pick daily shampoos designed for daily use. That way, you will not be fighting against your delicate scalp’s natural mechanism of keeping your hair moisturised. Use a light-weight moisturising such as the Joviality, Natural Shampoo that doesn’t include sulfates that won’t over-cleanse your hair, stripping it from its natural oils. Also, make it a point to re-condition your hair and scalp with the Noon, Deep Hydration Hair Conditioner.


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