Reasons To Consider Breathable Nail Polish

You’ve probably heard the term “breathable nail polish” a few times and either are very familiar with it or never bothered to look into it to know what it’s all about. We’re here to tell you more about what makes a nail polish “breathable” and why you should consider making the switch. Read on to learn more about the benefits of breathable nail polish and tips on applying  it for longer wear. 

What is breathable nail polish?

Breathable or ‘permeable’ polish is formulated to allow oxygen and excess moisture (microscopic water and air molecules) to travel through the polish and onto the nail more easily. This gives the nail a healthier, more porous environment and helps it maintain its natural integrity, minimizing chipping and peeling. 

Why switch to breathable nail polish?

Healthier For Your Nails

If you tend to have your nails painted often, 1-2 times a week, it’s essential to let your nails breathe in between nail salon trips to promote stronger, healthier nails. Not all of us are comfortable walking around with our bare nails. So, applying breathable nail polish from time to time is a healthy alternative as it allows for oxygen and moisture to go through, keeping your nails more hydrated and moisturized, even with product applied on top. 

Less Harsh Chemicals

All nail polishes contain chemicals, and while some brands tend to promote themselves as ‘safe’ and ‘non-toxic’, breathable nail polishes tend to have fewer harsh chemicals than the traditional ones. 

Faster Drying Time 

Oh, how we despise the wait for our nails to dry after applying nail polish! The fact that breathable nail polish allows for a more permeable environment for oxygen means that your nails will take a shorter time to dry. 


Because traditional nail polish can cause oil buildup underneath, it can cause the nails to chip. Breathable nail polish allows the oils to move through and off your nails, making your nail polish bind together better and therefore last longer. 

Tips For Better Application 

  1. File and buff your nails before application 
  2. Cleanse your nails with alcohol to remove any natural oils
  3. Make sure to use a breathable nail polish base and top coat pre and post-application

Here are some of our favorite breathable nail polishes on Source Beauty:

Luna, Air Breathable Nail Polish #6 is the perfect shade of classic red, fit for any occasion. If you prefer a darker shade, even during the summer, go for the Luna, Air Breathable Nail Polish #4, a burgundy that can be worn all throughout the seasons. If you’re looking for a more dainty shade, the Runway, Lily White, Breathe Nail Lacquer or the Runway, Make Me Blush, Breathe Nail Lacquer would be your go-to. 

Don’t forget your breathable base and topcoats. We particularly like the Runway, Nail Guard Base Coat, the Runway, Seal The Deal Top Coat and the Luna, Air Breathable Top Coat

If you’re looking to give your nails a good break, consider giving breathable nail polish a try. It will definitely be worth it. Beautiful, long-lasting, guilt-free painted nails? Yes, please.

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