Stop the Brassy Hair

Get to the bottom of brassy hair problems by eliminating the issues that cause your hair to become brassy in the first place. With these tailored steps to prevent brassiness in your hair for the long run, you won’t end up with high maintenance tresses causing long-term damage. Toning (rinsage) doesn’t last – this is why your colour fades. Depending on your hair type, a toner can last between two-to-six weeks, and less if you have dyed your hair before.

Correct Products

Switch all haircare to ones that are labeled for coloured hair. Add a toning shampoo, or purple shampoo twice a week to your hair washing routine. It cools down these shades by simply being their colour opposite. Don’t bother with toner, if you are an original brunette, it’s meant to be applied on bleached or blonde hair and will not work on darker hair. Try Philip Kingsley, Silver Shampoo or Sachajuan, Silver Shampoo for upkeep long term.

Dye To Tone it Down

If you cannot stop dying completely, then tone down the shades, Instead of going with a single-process all-over blonde colour, have your colourist work in highlights and lowlights versus colouring every strand. This minimizes the potential for a whole head of brassiness. Remember, the closer your final colour is to its natural colour, the less room there is for the colour to turn; it’s recommended that you don’t lighten your hair beyond two shades from your natural colour, to be on the safe side. Be calculated with your colour choice, to begin with, and you up your chances for eliminating a brassy future.

Deep Condition

It may seem simple, but the healthier and softer your locks are, the less likely your colour will fade or turn. This can be accomplished by using a deep-conditioning treatment. Try Raw African, Maya Mask after treating your hair, seal your style with a hydrating, lightweight Areej, Jojoba Oil.

Heat Protection

Not only for UV sun-rays, which will bring the brassy back. The sun has a tendency to not only dry hair but fade its colour, too. On top of that, being outside speeds along the oxidation of your freshly colored tresses. But also for when you will use heating tools on your hair, use a low setting for any blow dry or straightening tasks. For a natural sunblock try Areej, Almond Oil

Water Filter

Water in Egypt has high levels of chlorine which causes brassy and hair to fall. Therefore to Invest in a filter for your shower is a must, high mineral levels in water can cause hair colour to fade every single time you dye due to hard water deposits, colour-tainting minerals onto your simultaneously locking out moisture. Consider cutting back on the amount of time you wash your hair weekly we reccomend 3 times a week and don’t crank up the heat, the cooler the water the less colour will fade use a cool rinse to close the cuticle cells. This has the added benefit of locking in moisture and helps the cuticle to lay more smoothly and appear glossier and shinier. that also means that among the red, yellow and blue color molecules your hair dye contains, the blue ones have made a faster departure, leaving, you guessed it- just the warm tones. Why not try Alb Shower Filters.  

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