The Best Red Nail Polishes

Red nail polish: a timeless classic. It’s simple yet bold, powerful yet soothing and an incredibly effective way to boost confidence. Mani-pedis are necessary acts of self-care , as far as we’re concerned. This manicure color, however, is so popular that it can be difficult to find your perfect shade. From crimson to ruby to cherry red, here are the best nail red polishes we could find. 

Kinetics, Solar Gel 029 Enchanting Dream
Kinetics has quickly become a popular brand due to its one-of-a-kind nail polish system that uses elements of gel polish to achieve superior shine and give it a gel-like look in no time, saving you the hassle of applying and removing gel nail polish. The Enchanting Dream shade is one of our most loved reds from their collection; it’s the perfect toned down red that’ll suit any skin tone.

ORLY, Monroe’s Red
Any beauty expert knows the importance of the blue-toned red. Monroe’s Red is the classic red nail polish and is perfect for when you want to make a statement. ORLY’s polishes are packed with tons of pigment to ensure that your manicure stays opaque.

Luna, Solar Gel Royal Ruby
Another great gel-like nail polish is the Luna, Solar Gel Nail Polish. This shade has a hint of purple and is perfect for a more sultry and deep look, but it’s also great for everyday, plus it will last you 15 days! No need to worry about any chipping or dullness.

Runway, Cranberry Cheesecake
A sultry crimson red polish is a fun alternative to black when wanting something dark on the nails. This classic deep red is our top pick for date night red nail polish or for a serious boost in self-confidence .

Luna, Air Breathable Nail Polish Shade No. 7
If you prefer the breathable, oxygenated polish route, Luna has you covered. Their shade no. 7 will not only give you the perfect, classic red but it will also allow for essential nutrients to permeate through to the nail surface maintaining the healthy appearance of your nails.

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