The Best Red Nail Polishes

Red nail polish: a timeless classic. It’s simple yet bold, powerful yet soothing and an incredibly effective way to boost confidence. Mani-pedis are necessary acts of self-care , as far as we’re concerned. This manicure colour, however, is so popular that it can be difficult to find your perfect shade. From crimson to ruby to cherry red, here are the best nail red polishes we could find. 

ORLY, Sunset Boulevard

Put warmth into your colour palette this season with Sunset Boulevard; a bright orange-red  that is a little edgier than more conventional reddish tones, yet still makes the list due to its beauty. ORLY’s polishes are packed with tons of pigment to ensure that your manicure stays opaque.

ORLY, Ruby 

A sultry crimson red polish is a fun alternative to black when wanting something dark on the nails. ORLY’s Ruby is our top pick for date night red nail polish or for a serious boost in self-confidence .

Runway, Apple of My Eyes

Runway’s nail lacquer line features Apple of My Eyes, a candy-apple red that is guaranteed to maintain its shine and colour for up to five days – goodbye chipping!  

Luna, Air Breathable Nail Polish 7

Here is the true neutral red of the pack – Luna’s Air Breathable Nail Polish in shade 7. The oxygenated (and halal!) polish formula keeps nails healthy while also being full coverage.  

ORLY, Monroe’s Red

Any beauty expert knows the importance of the blue-toned red. Monroe’s Red 

Pro tip: sport a matching red lipstick like the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in 20 Pioneer to maximize joy.

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