The Top 5 Body Scrubs

There’s never really a wrong or right time to exfoliate your body. Whether it’s the middle of summer in 40 degree weather or the dead of winter, getting rid of dry and itchy skin is always a good idea. Exfoliating your skin frequently is an essential process to eliminate dry skin. You can apply as much moisturizer as you like, but without getting rid of the dead and dull skin, your pores will just end up being clogged. Spending a few extra minutes in the shower will make all the difference in achieving smooth, glowing skin. Check out the top 5 body scrubs below. 

Scrubby Bubby, Lemon Zest Body Scrub
This sugar based scrub is a natural exfoliator and will hydrate and nourish your skin. Formulated with a blend of natural oils that will infuse and leave your skin smooth. This particular one comes in a fresh lemony scent, but feel free to choose your favorite from a selection of 4 different scents. 

Glow ‘N’ Go, Oud Body Scrub
If there’s anything Glow ‘N’ Go is known for, it’s their potent and effective oils they use in all their products. Their oud is a particular fan favorite, and this natural sugar based scrub works wonders to eliminate dead and dry skin. 

Soul & More, Turmeric Body Scrub
Turmeric is a power ingredient and has great benefits for the skin. It has the ability to brighten and lighten dull skin, and will work to even skin tone and tighten the skin. This turmeric infused body scrub will effectively work to exfoliate the skin and leave it glowing and smooth. 

Body Treats, Coffee Blast Body Scrub
We all know that coffee based products have a special place in the world of beauty, especially in body scrubs. This one from Body Treats works to exfoliate the skin and promote healthy blood circulation resulting in firmer and smoother skin. 

EARTHOWLS, Pineapple & Vanilla Body Scrub
The body scrubs from EARTHOWLS are truly power in a jar. These scrubs use AHA technology and are super smooth on the skin. This tropical formula will buff away dead skin and impurities resulting in glowing and radiant skin.

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