Top 5 Leave-In Conditioners

With so many hair products on the market these days, it’s very easy to forget about the humble leave-in conditioner. Although these products can be overlooked and may have a bad reputation for making your hair oily or weighing it down, the truth is a leave-in is one of the best ways to detangle, add moisture, and smooth out your hair. Whether you have curly or dry hair there’s a wide variety of different leave-in conditioners that can help you. Find our top 5 leave-in conditioners below. 

Bless, Leave-In Conditioner
If you have low porosity hair, then this is the leave-in conditioner for you. Infused with jojoba oil and shea butter, this conditioner will dramatically hydrate your hair and help restore its natural strength and shine. 

The Bath Land, Apple Leave-In Conditioner
This conditioner was formulated with those with dry and damaged hair in mind. This extra hydrating formula will help smooth out your hair and will leave it more smooth and manageable. 

Joviality, Leave-In Conditioner
This conditioner from Joviality is probably the best overall leave-in conditioner. It will help hydrate and smooth out your hair without weighing it down. It’s ideal for taming frizz and giving you those perfect beachy waves. 

L’Oreal Paris, Elvive Full Resist Brush Cream
Ideal for weak and fragile hair types which have a tendency to break and fall, this hair cream will help protect and strengthen your hair. Its formula is charged with supplements such as biotin and vitamin B5, this cream works in affinity with the hair fibre and will act as a protective barrier. 

EarthBath, Turn Up The Volume Leave-In Spray
If you don’t like creams and are seeking something a little more lightweight than this leave-in spray may be the thing for you. This spray is formulated with a unique blend of protein, natural oils, and vitamins that will seamlessly work together to reconstruct and strengthen the hair strands. 

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