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Best Nail Polish Colors for Deeper Skin Tones

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Putting on nail polish is one of the best and easiest ways to treat yourself. We all know how much buying new colors can turn into an addiction, and well… we’re going to feed that addiction for you! For those with a deeper skin tone, these shades of neutrals are perfect ways to keep your nails elegant and cute without doing the most! Here are some of the best nail polish colors for deeper skin tones!

From Kinetics

These are 2-step latest-generation nail polish systems that use elements of gel polish to achieve superior shine and give it a gel-like look without drying in a lamp. It has a scratch-resistant top coat, providing longer wear than traditional nail polish. Here are some of our favorites:

This color has a lavender hue that is ideal for layering when creating the perfect color to complement your skin tone. 

This scratch resistant top coat polish has a gorgeous creamy hue that will be great for a deeper skin tone. You can really layer this shade up for a full-coverage look, or you can strip it back and try it sheer with just one coat of polish!

From Runway

Long-lasting and durable, Runway’s Nail Lacquer is a line of vibrant must-haves that maintain their shine and colour for up to five days-guaranteed. Here are some recommendations:

This neutral darker shade can blend perfectly with deeper skin tones, but it can also be used as a bold statement color that is still very subtle. 

This shade is simply gorgeous for deeper and medium skin tones. With caramel hues, this polish is also a go-to for a softer look.

From Orly 

These Orly Nail Lacquers are precisely formulated to deliver flawless coverage. ORLY polishes are power packed with pigment for two-coat coverage every time. 

This light brown shade is a simple statement. For those with deeper skin tones, this color won’t be doing too much or too little – it’s just enough!

While this is a neutral shade, it has a hint of subtle shine that is perfect for occasions while still keeping it simple.

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