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10 Best New Buys for December 2023

Corrective Care Cream Corrective Care Cream
Lip Gloss 06 - Shimmery Brown Lip Gloss 06 - Shimmery Brown
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Red Forest Body Mist Red Forest Body Mist
EGP 250.00 EGP 225.00
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Hydrating Foundation Hydrating Foundation
Soft & Floral Perfume Bundle Soft & Floral Perfume Bundle
EGP 1,125.00 EGP 1,012.39
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Shaving Cream Shaving Cream
EGP 240.00
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Gift Set 2
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Glycerin Soap - Twist Berries Glycerin Soap - Twist Berries

The year is almost over, but we’re still finding new beauty favorites you must get your hands on as soon as possible. These ten local must-haves are going to spice up your routine this Christmas season and give you some new favorites to carry into the new year!


  1. Eva Cosmetics, Corrective Care Cream

Eva's fast-absorbing face serum features a non-drying formula that effectively reduces the visibility of blemishes. Additionally, it aids in restoring skin tonicity and providing a comfortable feel.


  1. Glow-Up, Lip Gloss 06 - Shimmery Brown

Get ready to shine with Glow-up Lip Gloss! This must-have lip gloss from the renowned brand Glow-up is designed to enhance your natural beauty and add a touch of glamour to your look.

Available in 6 different shades.

  1. Soul & More, Red Forest Body Mist

The Soul & More Red Forest Body Mist instantly transports you to peace and relaxation. The 85% natural body splash is made with natural ingredients to refresh your skin and soul. This body mist is the perfect way to start and end your day, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

  1. Kolagra, Hydrating Foundation

Experience the ultimate in complexion perfection with Kolagra Hydrating Foundation. This innovative formula offers long-lasting wear, high coverage, a matte finish, and SPF30+ protection.

  1. The Bath Land, A Touch of Gold Shampoo

Looking for a shampoo that won't strip your hair of its natural oils? Look no further than this Low Sulfate shampoo. This gentle formula effectively cleanses your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. Designed specifically for dry to normal hair, this shampoo will leave your locks feeling nourished and lustrous. Experience the joy of soft and healthy hair with our exceptional product.

  1. Source Beauty, Soft & Floral Perfume Bundle

This bundle includes full-size bottles of our newest releases, Baby Powder perfume and White Musk fragrance. Luxuriate in the cloud-like scent of baby powder, evoking warmth and comfort. The White Musk perfume provides delicate floral notes for a feminine touch. Together, they make the perfect pair for daily wear or layering. Receive both perfumes for 20% less - the perfect gift or treat for yourself! Fans of soft, subtle scents will love this cozy, seasonal duo.

  1. Zat Care, Shaving Cream

Experience the ultimate shaving experience with Zat Care Shaving Cream. Their premium formula provides exceptional lubrication, protection, and moisturization for a smooth and comfortable shave. Elevate your self-care routine with Zat Care Shaving Cream.

  1. ZK Herbal Extracts, Argan Oil

Argan Carrier Oil is a cherished ingredient in the cosmetic industry, renowned for its exceptional conditioning and anti-aging qualities. Bursting with vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it has the power to transform lackluster complexions into radiant ones, reduce the visibility of fine lines, and restore skin's suppleness.

  1. Body Cravings, Gift Set 2

Indulge yourself or someone special with Body Cravings’ self-care gift set, a collection of exquisite body products that will pamper and nourish your skin from head to toe. Each item in this thoughtfully curated set is carefully crafted with premium ingredients to provide an indulgent and rejuvenating experience.

  1. Luna, Glycerin Soap - Twist Berries

Experience the purity and gentleness of Luna's transparent soap, crafted with utmost care from pure glycerin and natural oils. This natural soap is a harmonious blend of purity and nature, making it perfect for dry or sensitive skin. Its gentle formulation is suitable for delicate facial skin, delivering a soothing and nourishing cleansing experience.


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