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10 Products to Protect Your Hair this Summer

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Regrowth Hair Oil
Damaged Natural Hair Mask Damaged Natural Hair Mask
The Indian Recipe for Hair The Indian Recipe for Hair
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Keratine Repairing Care Mask
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Summer can leave your hair extremely dry and flakey, and it can get overwhelming caring for your locks. To make sure you have no bad hair days this summer season, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite hair products that will make sure your hair is flourishing every single day!

  • Smack That Scrub, Refresh That Scalp Cowash
  • The Smack That Scrub Refresh That Scalp Cowash is a hair cleansing, curl nourishing, and scalp hydrating gentle cleansing conditioner that removes excess build-up without stripping the hair off its natural oils to keep your curls and waves hydrated, defined, and healthy.

  • Gizmo, Regrowth Hair Oil
  • Stimulate hair growth and rejuvenate your hair with this all-organic anti-hair loss oil. Ideal for achieving strong, shiny hair and repairing hair damage and split ends.

  • Chaos, Damaged Natural Hair Mask
  • Treat dry and damaged hair with the all-natural hair mask from Chaos. Formulated with a blend of wholesome and powerful ingredients that all work seamlessly to repair hair exposed to chemical treatments of excessive coloring.

  • The Hair Addict, The Indian Recipe
  • The Indian Recipe is a powerful hair-strengthening formula that uses a potent aloe vera extract and peppermint oil blend. This powerful mix will help leave your hair longer, stronger, and thicker The lightweight yet nutrient-dense composition will nourish your hair follicles, aiding with hair fall reduction.

  • Rhea Beauty, Glow Hair Mask
  • This Glow Hair Mask from Rhea Beauty is ideal for nourishing and strengthening dry and brittle hair. The creamy formula restores the natural proteins in your hair and will help you achieve fuller and more voluminous hair.

  • Haven, Silk & Shine Hair Serum
  • Protect and hydrate your hair with this hair serum with SPF 25. This enriching formula will protect your hair when at the beach or pool. With just a few uses, your hair will be perfectly nourished and healthy, and keep your tresses perfect all summer.

  • Bobana, Black Garlic Oil Hair Mask
  • Strengthen weak and brittle hair with this advanced Black Garlic Oil Hair Mask. This extra nourishing formula will improve blood flow to your hair follicles which will help strengthen and enhance thickness.

  • Eva Cosmetics, Aloe Eva Argan Hair Oil
  • Restore and repair dry and damaged hair with Aloe Eva Argan oil. Argan oil is an essential hair protein and has many benefits in creating soft and healthy hair. The antioxidants and vitamins available will absorb into the hair and create shiny, lustrous hair.

  • Maward, Hair Serum
  • Say goodbye to split ends once and for all with this Hair Serum from Maward. This serum does more than just get rid of split ends. It also nourishes and softens the hair, leaving it completely frizz-free. Your hair will also be protected from heat damage from straighteners and blow dryers. 

  • Phyto, Keratine Repairing Care Mask
  • This creamy keratine repairing care mask repairs and restores strength and suppleness to damaged and brittle hair. After several years of research, the Phytosolba Laboratories selected Quinoa, Lupin and Pea proteins to create a new generation of Botanical Keratin. Closest to the keratin found in hair, it intensely repairs the fibre. Rice ceramides smooth scales and fill in the microlesions to strengthen sensitized hair.

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