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5 Best Chocolate Nail Shades

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Solar Gel 256 Gangsterina

You know how they say the eyes are a window to the soul? Well, here at Source Beauty, we think the nails speak more about you than anything else! This fall, we’re obsessed with Chocolate nails and all the different shades you can choose from. Here are five of our favorites!


  • Runway, Camouflage
  • Long-lasting and durable, Runway's Nail Lacquer is a line of vibrant must-haves that maintain their shine and color for up to five days-guaranteed. This soft shade is perfect for those who like a more subtle and nude color, while still being a gorgeous statement shade!


  • Runway, Demoiselle
  • We’re just obsessed with this shade. This is for the bold girls out there who simply want their nails to pop all day, every day! 


  • Runway, Classic Shopper
  • The perfect way to describe this shade is classy! This is perfect for your everyday work routine. Subtle but still very sophisticated and will make your nails stand out.


  • Orly, Coffee Break
  • This Coffee Break Orly Nail Lacquer is precisely formulated to deliver flawless coverage. ORLY polishes are power-packed with pigment for two-coat coverage every time. Don’t let this subtle shade fool you. Once applied, it completely transforms your nails!


  • Kinetics, Solar Gel 256 Gangsterina
  • Solar Gel 256 Gangsterina is a 2-step latest-generation nail polish system that uses elements of gel polish to achieve superior shine and give it a gel-like look without drying in a lamp. It has a scratch-resistant top coat, providing longer wear than traditional nail polish. This shade is perfect for a night out on the town!


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