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5 Best Lip Scrubs for Smooth Lips

We all know that exfoliating your lips is the best way to achieve smooth lips. We all try to avoid dry lips, which is why a hardworking lip exfoliator is a necessity. Trust us when we say exfoliating your lips is an essential TLC treatment. Moisturizing lips scrubs will leave you with soft, supple lips free of flakes and dryness. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite lip scrubs, check them out below.

Naked Cosmetics, Good N’ Pure Brown Sugar & Citrus Lip Scrub
This gentle citrus based scrub can be applied whenever necessary to leave lips feeling softer and smoother after adverse conditions such as cold winters and sun exposure.

Essentials, Lip Scrub
This lip scrub works wonders to achieve hydrated, plump lips. Perfect for restoring health and vibrancy to your lips, this coconut oil infused lip scrub is the perfect go to for removing chapped lips.

The Bath Land, Hazelnut Lip Mask
Although not a traditional lip scrub, this mask has a softening texture that will closely adhere to your lips. It will repair and hydrate, leaving your lips soft and supple.

Smack That Scrub, Strawberry Cream Tinted Scrub
This strawberry tinted scrub will not only exfoliate your lips, but will also add a subtle tint adding a pop of color to your lips. This sugar based scrub will buff away chapped skin leaving your lips healthy, soft, and supple.

Joviality, Lavender Lip Scrub
This sugar based scrub enriched with vitamin E will provide your lips with the ultimate hydration and shine. The blend of natural essential oils will absorb into your lips and provide them with all the necessary nutrients for a vibrant looking smile.

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