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5 Best Nail Polish Shades for Sahel

It’s summer, and there’s no time to be a bummer! It’s time to grab your favorite bikini, some sunscreen and tanning oil and hit the beaches of Sahel. Our favorite part about summer are the colorful shades of nail polish that are in style during the season. If you’re lost on which shades would do you justice on your next beach escape, here are five of our favorite nail polish shades for Sahel!

Orly, Lift the Veil

Do you know what never goes out of style? PINK! Every season has its own shade of pink that goes well with it, and this baby pink shade from Orly is going to spice up your vacation and give you a subtle pop of color that’s simply irresistible! 

  • Kinetics, 384 Cold Days, Warm Heart 
  • This shade from Kinetics is perfect for date nights by the beach or a night out in Sahel with your girls. Just think about it… this nail polish color, with a fabulous outfit and some matching glamorous heels, how can you say no?

  • Kinetics, Solar Gel 208 Jazz Lips
  • Do you know what it’s time for? You guessed it – more PINK! This shade is a lot more bold and sexy. This shade screams, “I am a woman, hear me roar!” and we couldn’t love it more. You’ll live your Barbie fantasy while the entire north coast talks about your fierce nails!

  • Kinetics, Solar Gel 502 Balanced Odds
  • This color is a bit more out there, but trust us, it will add much more spice to your vacation glam. A bright shade of green is perfect for summer; you can pair this with a matching bikini or a matching summer dress for the full diva effect! 

  • Runway, Camouflage
  • Some of us are a bit more low-key, and that’s completely fine. Sometimes it feels good just to strip it back to basics and not do too much, but just enough. That’s where this nude and subtle polish from Runway comes in. This fabulous shade proves that you don’t need a lot of color for your nails to stand out!

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