Placeholder 5 Hacks for Under Eye Puffiness
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5 Hacks for Under Eye Puffiness

Whether your beauty sleep was cut short or let your PMS get the best of you, and you can’t escape unwanted puffiness. Even though you can conceal dark circles, puffiness is a different story. No matter how much of a healthy diet or lifestyle you lead, changes to your under-eye are inevitable, especially as we age. Find our most recommended ways for reducing under eye puffiness below.

  1. Apply a Cold Press
    One of our favorite hacks, is also one of the easiest. Applying a cold compress to your undereye area will help constrict the vessels and as a result reduce any inflammation within the area. We love these Crystal Muse, Ice Globes for this hack. Simply place them in the freezer and on mornings you feel a little extra puffy, place them on your undereyes for a few minutes each.
  2. Use an Eye Cream with Caffeine
    Just as you might not be able to start your morning without your coffee, caffeine has also become a superhero ingredient in skincare products. Eye creams that have caffeine in them are helpful as they work very effectively to reduce inflammation and relieve water retention which play a huge role in puffiness. Implement this Kolagra, Advanced Eye Contour into your routine.
  3. Do an Eye Mask
    Staying hydrated is obviously a huge contributor to reducing inflammation to your body overall. You can go the extra step and do an eye mask every week to further enhance hydration to your eye area. For eyes that are especially dull and tired, try this Garnier, Hydra Bomb Orange Juice Eye Mask to leave your eye area looking brighter, more refreshed, and more awake.
  4. Get More Sleep
    Getting a good night rest is essential to controlling puffiness. It is often an overlooked fix to de-puffing, but to simply sleep well will yield amazing results for de-puffing. Whilst you’re at it, add an extra pillow and keep your head elevated. Make your night more enjoyable by adding this Sleek, Silk Pillowcase to all your pillows.
  5. Get Moving
    Circulation is one of the most reliable sources of achieving a natural glow. By doing a little exercise or movement in the morning, this will help start your lymphatic drainage system, which in turn will help reduce excess puffiness within your body.

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