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5 Things To Avoid When You're Breaking Out

Breakouts are like boyfriends, they come and go with rarely any given warning. While sometimes the root cause of a breakout is known, we’re often left wondering where they came from, constantly searching for the reason they’ve appeared. In an attempt to lessen the damage, we’re sharing with you 5 things to avoid when you’re breaking out.

  • Touching Your Face

The number one rule is to avoid touching your face! Whether you are breaking out or not, it is a must that you keep your hands away from your face (unless you are washing it or applying beauty products on it). Our fingers tend to get nasty throughout the day with us constantly touching things like door handles, our laptops/phones…etc.. basically everything. This can further encourage impurities to dwell on the skin and cause even more breakouts.

  • Used Fabrics

Washing your sheets and pillowcases frequently is essential in keeping breakouts at bay and in avoiding the spread of infection. Swap out your pillowcases and towels twice a week to ensure lasting cleanliness.

  • Sugar

Processed sugars can cause a spike in insulin, altering our hormone responses and thus possibly causing our skin to breakout. When it comes to hormones, a healthy, balanced diet is a sure way of keeping everything under control and helping our body function correctly. Natural sugars are a great substitute as long as they are taken in moderation. Just stay away from the chocolate bars until your breakouts cool down.

  • Sun Exposure

Too much sun is no fun. When skin is overexposed to the sun, hence UV rays, redness and inflammation of your breakouts are worsened, making the situation a lot more aggravating than it already is. Applying a light sunscreen or wearing a hat is best if you’re planning to be outdoors during the day.

  • Heavy Moisturizer

We’re not saying don’t moisturize- you need to keep your skin hydrated so that it doesn’t get dry and overcompensate by producing more sebum, causing even more breakouts. You just need to stick to a light moisturizer that won’t clog your pores but soothe your already stressed skin.

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