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6 Mini's You Need This Summer

Having a summer pouch with all your favorite essentials this summer is a must. The perfect pouch for this is our waterproof Source Beauty Summer Pouch. This pouch is perfect for holding all your favorite summer essentials whether it’s tanning oil, sunblock, or your phone and wallet. However, sometimes it’s hard to carry a lot of products since it can feel like a heavy load. Therefore, having 6 minis in your pouch is the perfect thing to have for a last-minute beach adventure. We’ve picked out the 6 perfect mini products to put in your summer pouch below!

Luna, Emollient Lip Therapy

This lip balm is enriched with shea butter and coconut oil. This product will help moisturize your lips, heal and protect against any cracks or dryness. This is really crucial for the summer since the sun can also cause your lips to be dry. Therefore having this lip balm on hand is essential and will come through when needed.

Body Blom, Insect Away

This all-natural insect repellent keeps annoying bugs and mosquitos at bay. A good smelling insect repellent that doesn’t dry your skin out is hard to come by. Unlike other repellents, it moisturizes and conditions the skin without adding toxic chemicals. This is definitely a must-have when at the beach and can help out a lot when irritated.

Eva Cosmetics, Sun & Sea Tinted Face Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF +50

Unlike most face sunscreens, this product gives the skin a tinted glow as well as protecting you from the chemical filters that absorb UV rays and antioxidants, it provides your skin with maximum protection against harmful sun rays. Many tend to forget to use a differently formulated sunscreen for the face therefore, this face sunscreen is an absolute necessity for long-term skin health and overall wellbeing.

Rhea Beauty, Sunscreen SPF 50+

A 50+ SPF is an absolute necessity in any summer pouch/ beach trip. Protect your skin from harmful rays with this sunscreen. With SPF 50+ this summer essential will provide broad-spectrum protection and will leave your skin hydrated and safe.

Essentials, Bronze Body Shine, Honey-Bronze- (2)

Summer is the perfect time to take out your favorite bronze body shimmers. This product is perfect for achieving a sunless tan body and face pump that delivers a natural-looking, buildable radiance with subtle shimmer. A healthy and youthful-looking tan without exposure to harmful UV rays. It’s rich in shimmery minerals and oils, this liquid body blur provides essential moisturize to thirsty skin upon application, giving the skin radiance that quickly reveals a velvety and glowy finish.

The Hair Addict, The Swim Proof Recipe

This product is an absolute necessity for the summer. Being in and out of the water in the hot sun can be extremely damaging to the hair just as it is for the skin. This product is developed to protect your hair from chlorine and saltwater. This natural hair spray leaves your hair shiny and frizz-free even after weeks of summer fun.

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