Placeholder 6 Must-Try Valentine’s Day Nail Polish Shades!
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6 Must-Try Valentine’s Day Nail Polish Shades!

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Solar Gel 058 Delicate Lace
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Solar Gel 391 Pure Instinct
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while you may be too preoccupied with which gift to buy and what outfit to wear for your big date (or girl’s night out), you shouldn’t forget your nails. Adding color to your nails takes your look up a notch and can add so much with minimal effort. Some of our favorite nail polish shades will work perfectly for Valentine’s!

  1. Manella Polish, Pink Shades - Shade 28

This shade of pink from Manella Polish radiates a perfect balance of sweet and spicy. This delicate color will blend seamlessly with your Valentine’s Day look while still popping and standing out!

  1. Manella Polish, Vibrant - Shade 22

Vibrant colors are so in this year. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s or Galentine’s, this shade will catch the eyes of anyone you meet. As much as we love subtlety, we can’t get enough of this loud shade!

  1. Kinetics, Solar Gel 258 - Urban Legend

Nothing says “Valentine’s” more than red. Urban Legend is a bold red shade by Kinetics that is seductive and assertive. We guarantee your Valentine’s Day look will stand out when paired with this sexy polish!

  1. Kinetics, Solar Gel 058 - Delicate Lace

Don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard? We've got you covered. This soft shade by Kinetics is cute yet confident and adds a very subtle touch to your nails. You don’t always have to do too much with your nails. Sometimes, a little is a lot!

  1. Kinetics, Solar Gel 391 - Pure Instinct

This pinkish shade was made for every type of girl out there. If you want to play it safe yet guarantee that your nails will look their best, this shade by Kinetics never disappoints. 

  1. Kinetics, Solar Gel 204 - Purse

This darker shade of pink is ideal for those who don’t want Valentine’s Day to seem like such a big deal (even though they secretly think it is). If you’re not a big fan of pastels and soft pinks, this shade by Kinetics will give you that sweet pinkish femininity without seeming like too much!

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