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7 Multi-Tasking Beauty Products

Summer means effortless and quick makeup routines that result in the most beautiful glowy and natural looks that can be done up or toned down, depending on your mood. Good skin care ensures prepped and fresh skin is ready for seamless product application, resulting in a flawless complexion. We’ve rounded up our favorite skincare and beauty time-saving products to speed up your beauty routine and have you ready for anything at any time.

Essentials, Vitamin E Cream

The perfect pre-makeup skin prep, the Vitamin E Cream from Essentials is a fast-absorbing moisturizer that can be applied both day and night and will leave your skin hydrated and fresh for further product application. Made with aloe vera leaf juice, natural oils and hyaluronic acid, it will soften the skin and keep it radiant all day long. It also has SPF30, which is great for when you’re heading out in the sun!

Kolagra, Advanced Eye Contour With Concealer

This 2-in-1 combo is one of our favorite eye products at Source Beauty. The Advanced Eye Contour Concealer works as both an under-eye serum and concealer with just a few dabs. Moisturize your skin and conceal the dark-circles in one step. This serum harnesses the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant powers of coffee to bring them to your skin. Soothing and protecting this delicate area of your face, it will reduce puffiness, minimize dark circles and prevent the skin damage that can be caused by free radicals all the while brightening the eyes with its concealer effect. It’s basically a shortcut to refreshed and more youthful looking eyes.

Trace Cosmetics, Brow Soap

This is the ultimate brow product- the best feathered brows you’ll ever achieve! If you have naturally thick eyebrows, the Brow Soap by Trace Cosmetics eliminates the step of brow filling completely with its natural, instant full brow effect. If your eyebrows need a little more thickness, just apply the brow soap and fill in the gap areas once it’s dry. Trust us when we say you will not be disappointed.

Elle.Co, Gold Gel Eyeshadow

We love a good eyeshadow and this Elle.Co, Gold Gel Eyeshadow is a great on-the-go product that can easily be built-up for a day to night look. Its creamy and smooth texture is hydrating and will seamlessly blend onto your skin, making your eyes really stand out in a subtle-not-so-subtle way.

Beauty Tools, The Concealer Multitasker

What better way to describe a time saving product than to name it the Multitasker. This wonderfully designed sponge combines rounded edges with sharp corners to help you perfectly apply concealer in tough to reach areas. The bouncy texture will help carefully apply product and blend to a smooth and seamless finish. (Tip: We also love using this product to apply cheek tints, it works wonderfully!)

The Bath Land, Red Rush Lip & Cheek Tint

Speaking of tints, the Red Rush Lip & Cheek Tint from the Bath Land has quickly become a fan-favorite. This buildable tint will allow you to move from a no-make-up-make-up look to a bolder look in mere seconds. Also applied on the lips, it will give your face the perfect homogeneous look and make you look awake and ready for the day. This product is long lasting, smudge and transfer proof, making it ideal for everyday use. Another product from The Bath Land that we love is their Strawberry Detangling Hair Mist. This lightweight and nourishing spray will leave you hair smooth and soft and is a great product to keep in your purse for an instant refresh.

Donna Natural, Highlighter Drops Rose Gold

Formulated to give your skin a subtle, yet noticeable shine, this natural highlighter will produce a reflective shimmer that will give you the summer glow you are looking for with just a few drops. The rose gold shade will work with any complexion to achieve the desired look.

Image Credit: Source Beauty

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