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Makeup Application Tips for Dry Skin

Dry, flaky skin is the biggest enemy when it comes to a smooth and successful makeup application. Whether you’re more prone to dry skin or it’s just the harsh cold winds dehydrating your complexion, finding ways to apply makeup can be very difficult and frustrating. So the question is, how do you put on makeup when your skin is dry and flaky? The truth is, there are a number of straightforward steps you can take that to help ease the process of makeup application on dry skin. Find out how you can lock in moisture and achieve better results when it comes to your makeup below.

The first step is prepping your skin and creating the right base. Using a light and gentle exfoliator on the areas that are more prone to dryness like around the nose and the crease of the chin will help remove the top layer of dead skin and as a result reduce flakiness. The Rhea Beauty, Glowing Facial Scrub will remove impurities and dirt and leave you with a glowing complexion ready for makeup.

This definitely comes as no surprise, but moisturizing your skin is key to combating dry skin. Makeup will only look as hydrated as the skin underneath. Using night time serums or moisturizers like All In One Night Serum from Scrubby Bubby will help lock in moisture at night and keep it hydrated until the morning. For a little extra hydration try looking for a product with hyaluronic acid like the Nut Botanicals, Eternity Spring Face Cream.

Avoid Powders
When it comes to choosing which makeup products would be best for your skin, avoid any powders and opt for cream based products. Powders will clog up your pores and lie on top of dry skin making it more visible. Whether it’s a concealer or foundation, the Bourjois, Healthy Mix range will seamlessly blend and create a hydrated flawless finish.

If you know you’re going to be out for long periods of time try keeping a facial spray in your bag for an instant refresher. The Essential, Hydrating Facial Mist is a great way to reset your makeup and keep it from flaking.

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