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Best Conditioners for Dry & Damaged Hair

Dry hair is no joke. Having dry hair can potentially lead to damage and breakage if left untreated. Dry hair can seemingly be a result of harsh sun exposure, heated styling tools, extremely hot showers, or even cleaning your hair too often. The key to prevent damage is to combat dry hair before it even happens. Incorporating hydrating ingredients into your hair routine frequently is a sure fire way to prevent any long term damage. Find the best conditioners for dry and damaged hair below.

Earthbath, Super Greens Conditioner
Formulated with kiwi and avocado, this conditioner is designed to specifically revitalize dry and damaged hair, whilst also protecting it against future damage. Enriched with sheas butter and almond oil this conditioner will hydrate and add great shine to your hair.

Bubblzz, Moisture Lock Conditioner
This conditioner is 100% true to its name. Not only will it condition your hair, but it will also lock in moisture ensuring that it remains hydrated. Infused with coconut, jojoba, and castor oil, this conditioner will promise maximum moisture retention and healthy hair.

Joviality, Moisture Bae Natural Conditioner
The inclusion of Moroccan Argan oil and Shea Butter in this conditioner is what helps add the necessary moisture and hydration to your hair. Paired with its matching shampoo this set will help replenish dry and damaged hair, and leave you with healthy, shiny locks.

Everyoung, Argan Oil Ultimate Hydration Conditioner
Argan oil is a game changer when it comes to hydrating your hair. This conditioner from Everyoung is formulated with marine collagen, quinoa husk extract and vitamin B5, and is developed to moisturize dry hair and tame frizziness.

Eva Cosmetics, Aloe Eva Conditioner
This conditioner will deeply moisturize your hair and combat breakage and split ends, leaving you with healthy, shiny, hydrated hair.

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