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Best of 2021: Our Top 10 Bestsellers

With 2021 coming to an end, we thought it would be great to share with you our top selling products of the year and the reasons why they were such a hit. Whether you’re looking for your next favorite skincare, hair care or body care product, we’ve compiled a list of the best of the best, the ones everyone seems to agree on. Self-care wishlist: WE WANT THEM ALL.

Raw African, Follicle Booster

The ultimate bestseller, week after week, the Raw African Follicle Booster has been dubbed the hair saviour and praised for its effectiveness at hair growth. Formulated with the powerful combination of flaxseed oil and rosemary oil, two of the most recommended ingredients for good hair health, this product will help with hair thinning and loss and promote longer and stronger hair. Massage it onto your scalp by using it with a carrier oil (argan oil works really well with it) and enjoy the results!

Luna, Emollient Bundle

Combining all of Luna’s all-time favorite emollient range, this super nourishing Emollient Bundle is the perfect self-care gift to yourself (or to someone you love!). The products will all work to moisturize your skin and keep you hydrated throughout the dry winter months.

Bundle includes:

  1. Emollient Hand & Body Cream
  2. Emollient Glycerin Hand & Heel Cream
  3. Super Emollient Shea Butter Cream
  4. Emollient Lip Therapy

Essentials, Eye Tint in Copper Brown

A creamy formula can be used lightly for an everyday, subtle shimmer, or built up for dramatic, all-out glam, the Essentials eye tints are such a great product to have in your makeup purse and everyone else seems to agree! This shade in particular has been a constant top pick because it’s so versatile and complements any eye color.

Braes, Mini Travel Size Kit

As if we didn’t love the Braes, argan oil infused hair care range enough, they launched a travel size kit that includes all three earlier this year and it instantly became a bestseller. Thanks to Braes we now have smooth and luscious hair everywhere we go, this kit will without a doubt keep your locks in the best condition whilst you travel.

Kit includes:

  1. Travel Size Argan Oil Infused Shampoo
  2. Travel Size Argan Oil Infused Conditioner
  3. Travel Size Il n’y a pas le feu! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Joviality, Strong n’Long Nail Oil

We just can’t get enough of the Strong n’Long Nail Oil and how great it is at helping with nail growth and strength (and apparently, neither can you!). Made with a blend of natural and nourishing oils, it will ensure nail health is at its best. Use it consistently every night before bedtime.

Trace Cosmetics, Brow Soap

This product has been a hit since it first launched and for a good reason! Developed to create perfectly groomed brows, this formula has an instant thickening effect. It provides a strong hold, keeping your eyebrows intact all day and night long without having them feeling too heavy or dry. It’s also perfect for days when you’re going for a softer glam look and want to apply it on its own.

Bubblzz, Tea Tree Facial Foam

Soothe acne, and help relieve skin inflammation with this fan-favorite tea tree oil-infused facial foam. Those with skin allergies or rosacea suffer from itchy, flakey, red or dry skin that often turns to breakouts with acne can highly benefit from reducing symptoms using a tea tree cleanser. Also ideal for combination with oily skin, it combines tea tree oil with skin-loving ingredients like rosemary, olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E to give your face a deep cleanse all the while keeping it hydrated and smooth.

Everyoung, Coconut Oil Shower Cream

We just love this ultra-moisturizing Coconut Oil Shower Cream by Everyoung. Formulated with coconut oil derived from palm trees around the world along with sweet almond oil and vitamin E, it targets dryness and works to give your skin long-lasting hydration and softness.

Soul & More, Short Dry Brush

This game changer will buff away dry skin while promoting lymph flow and allowing nutrient-rich blood to reach the surface of the skin, making it look super healthy and giving it a natural glow. It’s also a great anti-cellulite tool and will help prepare your skin to quickly absorb any moisturising product that you will apply post-use.

Relaxscent Candles, Your Therapy Session Is Here (Cotton Wick)

Even though we launched Relaxscent Candles late 2021, their products have been selling out ever since and have proven to be a great addition to our lifestyle category. The Relaxscent Your Therapy Session is Here Cotton Wick candle will emit a soothing lavender and chamomile fragrance into your home and will add a witty touch to your interior, making it the perfect addition to any space.

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