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A Breath Of Beach Air - Candle Edit

Our sense of smell is probably the most powerful connection we have to our memories. The moment you catch a whiff of a passerby’s perfume or a candle burning in your friend’s house your mind immediately transports you to a specific time. That emotional connection is what fills us with a sense of happiness, and immense relaxation. There’s not many candle scents that are more loved than that of the beach. We know that everyone loves to spend their summers in Sahel or El Gouna, where beach life is undeniable. How about if we tell you that you can have the beach with you at all times. We’ve compiled 6 of our top candles that will immediately transform your home into a beach-front chalet.

Paddywax Salt + Sage

This hand poured statement candle that evokes the salty spray of the ocean is definitely one for the beach lovers. With notes of ocean air, lemon, sea spray, and driftwood, there’s no denying you’ll be feeling the beach breeze in your living room.

Byredo, Carrousel

This is not your traditional beach scent, however with hints of tropical fruits and fresh zesty scents, it will have your home smelling like a tropical beach getaway.

Roshan Candles, Warde

This candle truly does carry after its name, warde, or flower in English. And although a flower scent is not always directly associated with the beach, this fragrance carries much lighter and softer notes of rose and more fresh and bright notes reminiscent of a beach front garden.

Diptyque, Mimosa

Diptyque is renowned for scents and this may be the best candle ever! There’s no better scent than that of blooming flowers and the beach. This candle perfectly encapsulates the best of both worlds. If you’re the type of person who enjoys both beach scents and fresh flowers, then this candle is the perfect fit for you.

Candle Connection, Fresh Linen and Amber (Bubbles)

This subtle and elegant candle is a perfect addition to your home. It carries notes of rich amber, however the more beach invoking scent is that of the soft breeze of fresh linen. The freshness carries throughout the room, engulfing your home with a smell reminiscent of a private beach getaway.

Brooklyn Candle Studio, Maui Escapist Candle

If you don’t get the chance to go on that beach vacation you were planning, lighting this candle in your home will be the next best thing. With scents of sea salt, sea moss, driftwood, and subtle tones of bergamot and ylang ylang, there’s no question that this scent will jump start your summer.

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