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Bye, Bye Backne

Backne…as if dealing with face acne wasn’t enough. While we’re too busy trying to perfect our skin, these annoying breakouts and blemishes decide to show up on our backs, an area we can barely even reach! Backne is a thing, especially during the summer months when it’s super hot and sweaty outside. Before you start feeling self-conscious about wearing a backless shirt/dress or even a swimsuit, here are a few ways for you to treat your back pimples and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Do not pick your breakouts!

But you already knew that (yet we know you still do it). Picking your pimples will only cause the bacteria to spread and make the problem worse. Cleanse, exfoliate and just let your skin breathe. Even though it doesn’t get rid of the pimple instantly, the end result will be much better.

Essentials, Brown Sugar Body Scrub and Polish is a great non-drying exfoliator that is gentle on the skin and will eliminate impurities while promoting 24hr moisture.

Try using a shower filter

The water you use every day plays a big role in the quality of your skin. By implementing shower filters into your daily body cleansing routine, you’re eliminating toxins and irritants that could be potentially harmful to your skin. Purifying your shower water from heavy metals, chlorine and other pollutants will help prevent your skin from over-drying and as a result, causing sebum production. The Alb, Shower Filter promotes natural moisture absorption and cell renewal of the skin, making it an essential tool in anyone’s home.

Wash your bras often

Ladies… we’re all guilty for waiting longer than we should wash our bras, especially when we have a favorite (usually our most comfortable one). This causes bacteria to build up (ew) which leads to breakouts. Try to wash your bras after every two wears and if pimples are still appearing, go for a wash after every use.

Shower right away post-workout

You’re in your workout clothes, after having just sweat your heart out, with the sports bra straps rubbing against your shoulders/back… hello breakouts! It’s so important to rinse your body and cleanse it out as soon as you can after working out. It’ll wash away any sweat that might irritate your skin and cause your pores to clog.

EverYoung, Tea Tree Oil Shower Gel is a natural, soap-free shower gel developed from pure tea tree oil. It is specifically designed to gently cleanse and clear your skin out, the perfect addition to your shower routine.

Don’t let conditioner sit on your back

It’s important to always wash your back after you’ve rinsed your conditioner off. Because the chemicals and oils in some conditioners could clog your pores and linger post-rinse, it’s important that your back is the last thing you scrub on your hair-wash days.

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