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Candles To Refresh Your Home

Being at home should feel… homey. Now that our time spent indoors has increased dramatically, the allure of relaxing in your own space has dulled – it’s time to hit refresh! A simple, airy aroma from a candle can revitalize the love you have for your home, one wick at a time. Here is a list of candles to refresh your home.

Roshan Candles, Orangettes

Light citrusy scents are universally coveted for a reason. They’re fresh, slightly sweet and reminiscent of summer. The Roshan Orangettes candle allows you to indulge in candied orange peels dipped in dark chocolate… yum

Candle Connection, Fresh Linen & Amber

Clean sheets feel so good, don’t they? Keep your home feeling clean with this candle that combines the straight-out-of-the-dryer warmness of fresh linen with a hint of amber spice for a little kick.

Areej Aromatherapy, Lavender Candle

Knowing the aromatherapeutic benefits of lavender, lighting up a candle like this one induces calm, relaxing thoughts – no spa needed.

Roshan Candles, Lemons

Flowers are a beautiful way to fragrance a home, but only temporarily so before they start to wither. The Roshan Lemons candle carries sweet floral notes of jasmine and water lily (hello spring!). Not to mention the vibrant lemon packaging for a little extra decor.

Candle Connection, Orchid

This beautiful and elegant candle from Candle Connection releases a rich and sophisticated floral scent when lit. Keep on your workspace, on the coffee table or in the bathroom for a fresh pick-me-up when needed.

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