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February Favorites

February, the shortest work-month of the year and the month of Valentine’s Day. What’s not to love about it? Apart from the super cold weather, this month passes like a cool breeze (pun intended). To make it even better, we’ve rounded up our February favorites for you and here is why they’re worth the buy.

International Brands

Ecotools, Bioblender Makeup Sponge

A makeup sponge made out of just 5 vegan ingredients, the Bioblender by Ecotools is 100% Biodegradable. We love an earth-friendly product. It was developed over years of research and development along with John Nanos, who holds a PHD in organic polymer chemistry and has now finally hit the market. Its patented shape, with 3 distinct edges is made to fit the contours of your face and build coverage when needed. It also cleans very nicely, making multiple use a lot simpler.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Brow Freeze

We love brow products and this new brow wax, Brow Freeze, by Anastasia Beverly Hills is our newest obsession. They claim it’s their strongest brow hold yet. Its clear wax formula makes it applicable for all skin tones and eyebrow colors and successfully delivers the feathery look that’s all the hype these days.

Cocokind, Prebiotic Sake Body Lotion

Founded by a former investment banker who used to suffer from hormonal acne, Cocokind is known by any skincare lover to be a really clean brand that offers simple, actually effective products meant for day-to-day, on-the-go use. If the name isn’t interesting enough, this product’s ingredients will definitely have you wanting to know more. Made with sake, a japanese, fermented rice wine known to be rich in smoothing enzymes and prebiotic sugars that help promote healthy skin and inhibit harmful bacteria on the skin, this body lotion will offer gentle exfoliation, protect your skin barrier and leave your skin feeling super soft.

Keys Soulcare, Golden Cleanser

We tend to be very skeptical about celebrity beauty/skincare releases but when it comes to Alicia Keys, the no makeup queen herself, we were quite excited to see what she’ll be offering and this Golden Cleanser by Keys Soulcare surely did not disappoint. Infused with manuka honey, turmeric and chamomile, it serves to calm and soothe your face as it cleanses your pores. It also contains activated charcoal which is known to purify and balance the look of your skin and is scented with sandalwood, a naturally calming scent. We are all about calming ingredients these days.

Neutrogena, Healthy Scalp Hydro Boost With Hyaluronic Acid Conditioner

If we weren’t crazy enough about their Hydro Boost line, Neutrogena has just recently released new additions to it but now, in the haircare domain- a shampoo and The Healthy Scalp Hydro Boost With Hyaluronic Acid Conditioner. You just know this is going to be a good one. Formulated to boost scalp hydration and provide intense moisture to dry hair, this pH-balanced conditioner will help maintain your scalp’s natural barrier, resulting in smoother, healthier looking hair. It’s also paraben and sulfate free and safe for color-treated hair!

Local Brands

Scrubby Bubby, Strawberry Sorbet, Sugar Body Scrub

February is also strawberry season in Egypt and this Strawberry Sorbet Sugar Body Scrub from Scrubby Bubby smells so good, we could just eat it! Formulated with shea butter, Vitamin E and jojoba oil, this scrub works to exfoliate and deeply moisturize the skin, ridding you away of dead skin cells and leaving your skin plump and smooth with a glowing, polished look.

Norshek, Very Berry Conditioner Bar

There are so many things we like about this Conditioner Bar from Norshek- whether it’s the wonderful scent, the fact that it makes detangling a lot less complicated or its biodegradable packaging, we are big fans of this product and are sure you will be too. Made with a mix of hair-loving ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter and argan oil, this conditioner is a natural softener and is sure to leave your locks feeling smooth and revitalized.

Earthowls, Facial Scrub

Whenever we think of Earthowls, the words ‘milk and honey’ come to mind. If they can make body scrubs that work and feel this good, then we have no doubt that their new facial scrub will deliver on both ends. A soothing blend of shea butter and naturally fragranced, real coconut will nourish and hydrate your skin leaving your face soft and supple.

Nefr Cosmetics in S-03

Just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for that extra glam, you know lashes will do the trick. These artificial silk lashes will give you tamed drama and will help brighten and open up your eyes. Voluminous, lengthy lashes with just one, seamless application.

Noon, Charcoal Soap

This Charcoal Soap from Noon has been very popular among our users these days and for good reason. Made with bamboo charcoal, tea tree oil, chamomile oil and a variety of other essential oils, it works into the skin to remove any excess oil and to deeply clean pores. It can be used both on the face or the body and is suitable for oily to normal skin. You will definitely be feeling a lot more radiant after just one use.

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