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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

The question that keeps getting asked and the question that seems to have a different answer every time. When it comes to knowing how often you should wash your hair, there’s actually a lot of common misconceptions about how we should tend to our locks on the daily. Shampooing your hair isn’t just about washing off the dirt and sweat from your last workout. The focus should be on caring for your scalp in order to keep your hair healthy from the roots. When it comes to hair, there’s no one size fits all. Everyone has their own factors to consider. Whether you have thin, thick, or textured hair, find below an easy guide to how often you should be washing your hair.

Thin Hair – Every 2-3 Days
Today, it’s a lot more common to hear that people are washing their hair a lot less than they used to. However those with fine hair can’t seem to take the same approach. Thin hair tends to get oily a lot faster than the other hair types. As a result of that, most people with fine hair need to shampoo fairly often as the oils will essentially weigh down the hair and make it look flat and greasy. To help nourish you and strengthen your hair, consider using the Phyto, Densifying Treatment Shampoo.

Thick Hair – Every Couple of Days
For thick hair, it’s recommended that you wash your hair every 3-7 days. This again largely depends on how thick your hair is. If you have very thick hair, try aiming to wash weekly. It’s also important to note that although thick haired girls can get away with washing their hair less, it’s important to not neglect the other aspects of hair care. For example, try not to overdo it with the dry shampoo and make sure you’re still brushing your hair frequently. As already mentioned, scalp care is a critical part of hair growth and strength. To help maintain the health of your hair, try incorporating hydrating oils in your routine. The ORS, Fortifying Argan Oil will help hydrate and keep your hair strong.

Textured Hair – Once a Week
Coily or kinky hair is what would be considered textured. Textured hair is known to need a lot of moisture. However it’s important to note that you shouldn’t be washing your hair every day. The natural sebum and oils released from your scalp will help keep your hair protected. Washing your hair frequently will actually contribute to the dryness of your hair and won’t allow the necessary oils to be absorbed. Once again note that every hair type is different, however if you have a tighter curl, opt to wash your hair only once a week. If you feel the need to wash, opt to co-wash in between cleanses, and this will also help keep your hair hydrated and tangle free. Try the Go Natural, Cleansing Conditioner.

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