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How To Naturally Delay Your Period For Your Wedding Day

Weddings are an incredible amount of fun. You’re dancing with your friends, family and new husband feeling beautiful in your white wedding dress without a care in the world. Unfortunately, it may come to be that your menstrual cycle doesn’t align with the wedding date, possibly meaning that you’ll be on your period for the special day. Breast tenderness, bloating and abdominal discomfort are just a few of the symptoms that come with getting our period, and for the most part we just sigh and say ‘this too shall pass’. If only there were some special exception during wedding and honeymoon week. While we always recommend that you consult your doctor, here are a few possible ways to naturally delay your period for your wedding day.

While there may not be many scientific studies to support the use of natural remedies to delay your period, these solutions might be worth a shot if you are trying to avoid medication.

Lime Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking lime juice before your expected period may ease period symptoms, lighten your flow and even delay the period altogether. It is also said that drinking apple cider vinegar daily is a natural, healthy way to push back a period when begun 10 days beforehand.


Strangely enough, dissolving gelatin in warm water and drinking it is said to push back your period for about 4 hours. Repeat for a longer delay.


Lifestyle changes might also help – being more active and indulging in intense exercising puts healthy stress on the body and can delay your period by a few days. This is highly recommended if you would also like to lose some weight or get more toned before your special day.

Disclaimer: Always seek advice from your health practitioner before attempting to delay your period.

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