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Makeup Trends Making a Comeback

Trends come and go, but oftentimes, the trends that go around simply come back around. Gen Z is all about Y2K and the 90s and makeup trends from those decades are creeping their way back onto some of the biggest red carpets. Our favorite makeup influencers are also bringing back some trends, and they’re spreading like wildfire. Here are some old trends that we think are new again.

Pastel Eyeshadow

This trend has been reappearing every few years, but this time it seems like it’s not going anywhere for a while. This was the 90s version of a bold eye, with a pastel color all over your eyelid with bold color in the corner of the eyes. Who said a bold eye look has to be all dark?

Defined Lips

Could you imagine the 90s without the iconic defined lip look? Before it was Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber rocking this trend, it was all about Naomi Campbell and Pamela Anderson. To achieve this look, all you need is a nude lipstick, lip liner and a popping lip gloss.

Vampy Lips

Defined lips aren’t the only makeup trend making a comeback. Vampy lips are all the rage right now and it’s all about applying that dark and edgy color to your plump lips. To get this look, what you need to do is trace your lip color with a darker hue liner and fill in the lips with a well-defined shape.

Smudged Eyeshadow

Perhaps one of the biggest trends right now is the smudged eye makeup look. While, in theory, this trend shouldn’t work, it actually makes you look 10 times cooler. Smudged eyeshadow, and sometimes even eyeliner, makes it look like you just got out of bed looking absolutely fabulous and ready to take the world by storm.

No Makeup Makeup Look

You might have seen this trend all over TikTok and Instagram, but the early 2000s did it first. The bare face (but not really bare) makeup look was all the rage back in the day and it’s now become one of the biggest trends, again. This trend is all about “less is more” and you’ll only need a few steps to rock it.

Shimmering Highlighter

Highlighters were everywhere in the early 2010s, but then the hype over highlighters took a dip, but now its back and it’s inspired by the early 2000s’ shimmery highlight look. This trend requires you to go overboard with the shimmery highlighter and practically cover almost every part of your face.

Over-blushed Cheeks

While it can look a bit jarring at first, over-blushed cheeks are making a huge comeback, and we’re not mad at it. It’s actually quite the statement, these cheeks will make you look bold, sexy and daring. So, while it may take a while for you to warm up to this trend, it’s definitely worth the try… while it’s still cool.

Thin Eyebrows

We know, you hoped the day would never come, but it’s here. Remember how, only a few years ago, we were tweeting old pictures of Christina Aguilera and poking fun at the extremely thin eyebrows? Well, it’s made its way to Gen Z, and it doesn’t look half bad. If you had to blame anyone for this comeback, though, Bella Hadid is your gal. The supermodel has been rocking thin brows this year and she’s one of the main figures that popularized this trend once again.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

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