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Nail Growth and Strength

Having a set of strong and long nails is something that we all desire, but it is not something we all have. The condition of our nails can often be an insight into our general health. Having weak, soft and brittle nails may mean that we aren’t receiving the general nutrients that our body craves. However brittle nails can also be due to frequent application of gel or acrylic manicures. Not only do these applications weaken your nails but can also leave your cuticles thick and dry. If you’re someone who suffers from weak and breakable nails, here are 5 products that will restore and strengthen them in no time.

Runway, Keratin Therapy
This keratin therapy will promote nail growth and will improve the strength of your nails. This nail protector will harden and prevent breakage when used frequently.

Joviality, Strong n’ Long Nail Oil
This is a great product that addresses cuticle care. Ensuring you have a strong base is the only way to allow your nails to grow in strong. This product not only softens your cuticles, but will also nourish your existing nail, allowing them to stay long and strong.

Luna, Diamond Hardener
Applying this hardener regularly will leave your nails much stronger than before. The formula will help prevent breakage and chipping and will protect both your manicure and your nails.

Eva Cosmetics, Cuticle Remover
This fast acting formula will help you remove cuticles with ease and will drastically change the appearance of your nails.

Body Bloom, Shiny Nails
With a mix of 100% natural essential oils, this ultra nourishing cuticle oil will leave your nails completely rejuvenated. Your cuticles will be left feeling softer and healthier, ready for your next mani and pedi.

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