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Nude Nail Polish For Every Skin Tone

We all love a good nude this is why wearing the correct shade that matches your skin tone is important. Top nail celebrity artists recommend that the current trend for a chic, sophisticated nude nail colour is either to go a shade lighter or a shade darker than your actual skin tone which gives a subtle yet elegant vibe to your manicure. This is why we compiled a variety of 10 best nudes that will help you determine the perfect shade to your skin tone.

Best shades for dark skin tones

Essie, Gel Couture Nail Polish In of Corset

This sheer beige nail polish that glides on effortlessly on to the nail, is one of the perfect shades if you are going for an elegant look or just for your everyday look. Simplicity is always the go-to kind of like your nude nail polishes. This specific shade balances your original skin tone while still maintaining a sheer clean look.

Veque, Nail Polish in Buff

Veque is one of the most known brands for their nude collection. They have a variety of nudes for each skin tone so no need to worry about finding your shade. This nail polish formula is known to mimic the lasting effect of what a gel polish can do so it is long-lasting which is what women look for in nail polish.

Chanel, Nail Polish in Particulière

Chanel screams luxurious especially when it is your favourite nail polish shade! This product’s texture is made with the utmost care and coverage that will cover the whole nail with just one coat. It is enough that the packaging already caught our eyes as the balance between the deep beige and rich caramel tones are perfect. Go grab yours now!

Best shades for medium skin tones

Deborah Lippmann, Nail Polish in Naked

One of a kind product that ensures you a healthier nail starting with one coat without the damage. The gel polish that requires no heat lamp, has health beneficial ingredients such as biotin and green tea to ensure you that your nails are also being taken care of at the same time. The glossier the nail, the glossier it will be!

Christian Louboutin, Nail polish in Tutulle

Sometimes good quality nail polish is the way to go no matter how pricey the product is, packaging sold us the minute they created a rose gold cap of the nail polish. It is highly pigmented and glossy with just two coats of this richness formula and you are good to go.

OPI, Nail Polish in Tiramisu for two

We’ll have two tiramisu please and some extra gloss to go with that! This sweet heavenly coffee cream will take your nail polish skills to the next level. It is an all-round product and considered one of the best nudes out there. This creamy light texture will create an ultimate gloss of elegance to your hands as this colour will boost your wardrobe game. Start coating!

Best shades for light skin tones

Burberry, Nail Polish in Ash rose

If you know their perfumes than you for sure don’t want to miss out on their nail polishes. A pop of rose to your nails will change your nude game to the next level. Nudes not only come in beige tones but also in tones of pink. What’s great about this, is that it is formulated with a high gloss finish with accelerated drying and hardening times.

JINsoon, Nail Polish in Dew

Jinsoon is known for its varieties of nail polishes and art designs. This shade is the perfect shade for people who are looking to achieve a sheer beautiful white organza fabric like. It is a non-toxic, chemical-free product that will surely satisfy your manicure needs.

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