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Pro Guide to the Perfect Tan

As soon as the first days of summer officially start rolling in, we can’t help but think about ways to achieve the perfect summer tan. Whilst we all love a good self-tanner and will probably opt for a faux glow instead of spending hours in the sun, we still can’t help but enjoy time in the sun whilst on holiday by the beach. By now we’re all aware of the severe damage sun exposure can cause to your skin. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to safely achieve tan and avoid the dreaded post tan peeling.

Prep your skin
The condition your skin is already in will play a part in how you get tanned. Getting an even tan relies on initially having super smooth skin. Prepping your skin will help you achieve a consistent color and prevent any peeling or flaking. About a week before you start tanning, work on exfoliating your body. The Naked Cosmetics, Own It Sea Salt & Coffee Scrub will leave your skin silky smooth and perfectly scrubbed. Make sure you also follow with moisturizer to stay hydrated.

Always Apply Sunscreen
Although it may feel like it is counteractive, you should absolutely not skip this step. We all know how tempting it is to douse ourselves in tanning oil, but the reality is that if you want a super even tan, the best and safest way to do so is by applying sunscreen and taking your time. Sunscreen works to protect your skin from sun damage and burns. Try inputting this Kolagra, SPF 50+ Sunscreen into your routine.

Seek Shade
Taking breaks from the sun will reduce the intensity and risk of sunburn. By taking breaks in the shade, you’re also allowing your body to remain healthy and protected. Taking care of your body and staying protected and hydrated will without a doubt have a positive impact on the tan you’re aiming to achieve.

Know Your Limit
We all know the temptation of sitting by the pool all day long to ensure that we’re getting the perfect tan. However, what you might not realize is that your skin will actually reach a point where it cannot produce any more melanin (the pigment that makes you tan). On average your body can tan for about two to three hours or much less if you have fair skin, anything more than that and you’re just putting your body at risk of UV damage.

Apply After Care
Whether you’re tanned or burned, avoid peeling by generously applying after sun care. The most effective and essential aftercare for skin that’s tanned is moisturizer or after sun. Swimming in a beach or pool will completely dehydrate your skin and leave it feeling dry and tight. This Hathor, Sun Healing Potion is the perfect cooling and hydrating gel for just this cause.

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