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Salt Scrubs vs. Sugar Scrubs: Which One is Right For You

Exfoliating is a natural process. Our bodies know to shed dead skin cells almost every 30 days. That doesn’t mean we should help the process along. Using a scrub will help slough away dead and dry skin and allow dull skin to regain its radiance. When used, they can be an invigorating part of your self care routine and will truly help indulge your senses. With that said, the most common scrubs can easily be made from kitchen staples, salt and sugar. Each of these has a natural grit and have healing properties that will leave your skin soft, smooth, and supple.

Salt is an extremely common ingredient for scrubs. Known for its grainy/rough texture it is a great natural detoxifier. Despite being rich in minerals, salt scrubs can also be rather dehydrating and may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin. When picking out a salt scrub, it’s best to look for those that have high quality salts like sea salt, epsom, or pink Himalayan salt. Find our choices for salt scrubs below.

Bobana, Yoghurt Spa Salt
Formulated with epsom salt and milk extract, this scrub will effectively work to remove dead skin cells and aid in eliminating bumps and ingrown hairs. As a result you will be left with soft, smooth, and glowing skin.

NOON, Epsom Salt & Coffee Scrub
Infused with organic coffee, peppermint oil, and other essential oils, this epsom salt scrub is great to even out skin tone and improve the appearance of cellulite.

Essentials, Sea Salt & Spearmint Body Scrub and Polish
Ideal for deep exfoliation to buff away dry and flaking skin, this sea salt scrub infused with a blend of natural and moisturizing essential oils will leave your skin with an incredibly soft finish and promote blood circulation for rejuvenated skin.

Norshek, Rose Hex Spirit Salts
Energize your body and detoxify your skin with these multipurpose salts. Infused with rose petals and geranium essential oil, these salts can be used as a scrub or bath salts to help promote a relaxed and calm environment. The salts can also relieve stress and pain and soften your skin.

Sugar scrubs are typically less abrasive than salt scrubs and will help draw water into the skin. They are great exfoliants and will not only smooth out your skin but will help in hydrating and plumping skin. If there had to be a drawback from using sugar scrubs is that the accumulation of sugar can contribute to ageing properties. To combat this, try only exfoliating once a week.

Hathor, The Detoxifier
Get soft and luxurious skin with this natural brown sugar scrub. This scrub will give your body a cooling sensation that will help in soothing muscle pain and will ultimately relax your body and release toxins.

Soul & More, Turmeric Body Scrub
This turmeric infused sugar scrub will exfoliate and polish your skin whilst deeply moisturizing it. The fine grains will gently slough off dead skin cells to help reveal bright and smooth skin.

Glow ‘N’ Go, Oud Body Scrub
Infused with a blend of nourishing oils, this sugar based scrub is ideal for eliminating dry skin and providing your body with the necessary hydration to keep your skin glowing and plump.

EARTHOWLS, Milk & Honey Body Scrub
This scrub is a must have for those with dry skin. This gentle cleanser will carefully polish your skin by removing impurities and leave you with a renewed glow, radiance, and softness.

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