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Skin In Pollution

Here at Source Beauty, we are obsessed with protecting our skin. We insist on taking extra measures in your skincare routine to ensure protection at all times from harsh environments aka living in a polluted city and having a screen attached to your hand. Along with fueling our body with the right foods and supplements, staying properly hydrated, and doing our best to use clean products to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

How Pollution Affects Your Skin

Airborne pollution (smoke, fumes, and UV rays) and digital pollution (the blue light emitted from our computers and cell phones) produce highly unstable molecules, aka free radicals, that damage the skin’s natural protective barrier. Once this barrier is compromised, the lipids and collagen responsible for our skin’s plumpness and moisture start to break down—cue dehydration, dullness, premature ageing, and even inflammation.

Blue-light radiation from your mobile phone and computers penetrates deeper into the skin than UVA and UVB rays combined. Of course, you can’t avoid where you live or work, but there are methods and products that offer protection and prevention that can help.

How To Protect Your Skin Prom pollution

According to a study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, exposure to air and particle pollution significantly correlates to an increase in signs of skin ageing. In general, pollution weakens your skin. Antioxidants, along with peptides and vitamins, help strengthen the skin and neutralize the primary triggers of skin ageing. Look for products that contain ingredients such as antioxidant white tea, as well as micro-encapsulated vitamins A, C and E (all antioxidants).

Just because you’re protecting your skin from pollution doesn’t mean you should skimp on sunscreen. UV rays are still a top contributor to signs of skin ageing, so wear an SPF30 or higher daily no matter the weather.

How To Clean Your Skin From Pollution

Using a clean, soft cloth helps get more dirt and grime off your skin, but for a professional level of clean, start double cleansing with a mix of oil and gel-like cleanser. Detox clogged pores with your favourite exfoliator nightly, always followed by a toner packed with antioxidants to remove excess dirt and allow your serum to work better for skin protection, health and decrease skin ageing.

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