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The Hair Mask Edit

Soft, thick, and shiny. What do all three words have in common? They’re completely unattainable (or at least that’s what it feels like), especially when it comes to your hair. You’ve probably tried everything on the face of the planet to manage and tame your locks. We’re here to tell you that gorgeous hair is one mask away. Here, Source Beauty has drawn up a list of our all-time favourite hair masks that are scientifically proven (by us) to work.

Noon, Deep Hydration Conditioner

This is the weekly thirst-quencher your hair needs to beat dryness. This silicone-free, nutrient packed formula will help you achieve the ultimate silky feel and shine. A rosehip, argan oil and avocado oil blend that will seal your split ends, effectively reduce frizz and restore dry, brittle hair, the Deep Hydration conditioner will target your every need.

In Natural, Avocado Hair Mask

The avocado craze is still going strong, and this mask is no exception. It’s ultra-hydrating and moisturising, and works great for those with low porosity hair (hair that doesn’t retain moisture easily).

Earthbath, Super Greens Hair Mask

A lightweight, protein free mask formulated with a unique blend of nourishing kiwi, avocado, and jojoba oil, the Super Greens Hair Mask will rejuvenate your hair cells and boost moisture, leaving you with super hydrated, softer and smoother hair. It’s the perfect smoothie, nutrient boost for your hair!

Bless, Deep Conditioning Hair Mask and Leave-in Cream

If your curly hair feels tired, damaged, and dull then you are in need of this mask ASAP. This mask helps strengthen your locks and reduces further breakage. It can be used as a treatment before shampoo or as a leave-in cream to lock in that moisture and keep your curls defined (win win).

Go Natural, The Organic Marrow Hair Mask

When we say that this is a miracle-in-a-tub we mean it. It’s made of 100% pure marrow with added essential oils to add a refreshing scent. Marrow contains fatty acids and multi vitamins that nourish and stimulate the hair, promoting hair growth. Prepare yourself for ridiculously soft hair.

Chaos, Hydrate Natural Hair Mask

Known for their all-natural formulas that actually work, Chaos has quickly become a fan-favorite brand with their creative hair-care and body-care solutions. The powerful blend of ingredients in this Hydrate Natural Hair Mask seamlessly work together to provide your dry and damaged hair with the necessary moisture and hydration, leaving you with soft and supple locks.

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