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The Inversion Hair Method

You know the feeling. Momentary lapse in judgement=fresh new haircut and fresh tears. All you want is to grow your hair back, and as soon as possible. Your beautiful locks are so much shorter than they were yesterday and you need a quick fix. But hair grows oh so slowly. What can you possibly do? Hint: The Inversion Method. Here, Source Beauty talks you through an unconventional (and, debatable), effective way to grow out your mane.

What is it?
A hair growth method by which you put your head upside down for a few minutes and massage your scalp with oil. Increased blood flow to your scalp is meant to stimulate your existing hair to grow, and for new follicles to come in.

Is it effective?
Yes! The act of massaging your scalp as well as the gravity of having your head upside down is proven to add length to your hair. Some women have sworn that their hair grew one inch in a single week.

How do I do it?
Every night before bed warm up a small amount of your favourite oil. Castor oil, in particular, is known for its hair growing properties. However, it’s a bit thick so dilute it with a lighter oil. Add some to the tips of your fingers, flip your head over then gently massage your scalp. Do this for four minutes every night for one week.

How often should I do it?
You can only do this for one week out of the month-anything more isn’t recommended. Make sure you go three weeks between cycles.

Are there any side effects?
No, but if you feel dizzy or nauseous while massaging your scalp, sit up immediately. Being in an uncomfortable position for an extended period of time can make you feel light-headed. Always be aware of how you’re feeling.

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