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Top 25 Biggest Beauty Hits

This decades top 25 beauty hits may just surprise you, from hair and makeup to skincare and tools, we’ve rounded up the top of the pops. In no particular order these products have become the source of beauty routines around the world.

Jade Roller, Herbivore

Known to aid lymphatic drainage, the body’s main major detoxification system as well as physically firming skin and metaphysically linked to bringing peace, harmony, luck and opportunity as well as reducing stress, Helping to improve skin’s elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as releasing facial muscle tension and help products absorb faster and better, there’s not much this beautiful tool can’t do always use it rolling upwards.

C.E.O Glow, Sunday Riley

Unlike most vitamin C products, which only treat the upper levels of skin, this beautifully glow-giving concoction stars oil-soluble vitamin C carried by superfood oils to reach the deepest levels of skin and impart the brightest, most hydrated glow possible.

Retinol, The Ordinary

Waterand silicone-free, The Ordinary’s Retinol 0.2% in Squalane features highly stable retinol, an ingredient that can reduce the appearance of ageing with impressive results. A powerhouse form of vitamin A, retinol encourages cell turnover, revealing healthier, softer skin while also tackling blemishes, dark spots and defying signs of ageing – including softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and uneven tone.


Extracted solely from the tops of fresh hemp plants to maximise the purity and efficacy, Kiki Health’s CBD Oil is the best way to access the cannabis plant’s boundless benefits (without the mind-altering side-effects). Cannabinoids (including hemp extracts and cannabidiol – or CBD) contain an abundance of nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, terpenes, vitamins, chlorophyll and amino acids and a lot of free radical-fighting antioxidants

Summer Fridays, Jet Lag Mask

Perfect for stressed-out skin and ideal for post-plane complexions, the vegan formula drenches skin with a nourishing mix of vitamins, ceramides, antioxidants and gently exfoliating extracts, which work together to soothe and hydrate skin, plumping away the look of fine lines and wrinkles to leave things uber-dewy.

Pixie, Glow Tonic

Instantly refreshing, Pixi’s gorgeous glow-giver brightens, tones and conditions your skin after cleansing. Enriched with 5% glycolic acid – a natural derivative of sugar cane, and member of the alpha-hydroxy acid family. Which makes it a safer acid and gentle, thanks to this exfoliating formula it dissolves the bonds binding dulling dead cells to skin’s surface, to reveal the ‘new’ healthy skin cells underneath.

Becca, First Light Priming Filter

There’s a lot of products from Becca that have people completely swooning. However a good base for your makeup is always important. The First Light Priming Filter is a great staple to achieve a natural glow to your makeup. Not only is it hydrating and nourishing for your skin, but it provides a slight shimmer allowing your skin to truly shine from the base up.

Dr Jart+, Ceramidin Cream

Hydration is a key process within any skincare routine. This one from Dr Jart+ is unbelievably nourishing and will hydrate your skin instantaneously. Trust us when we say a little goes a long way with this product. A pea sized amount has the ability to completely cover your face and neck.

Braes, Satin Bonnet

Thinking of self-care while you sleep is the biggest beauty hit of the decade, this satin bonnet keeps your hair from frizzing up and getting split ends from your cotton pillowcase which unfortunately dries out the moisture of your hair. With a satin bonnet you can keep your hair silky soft throughout the night.

Layan, Lip & Cheek Tint

Busier lives don’t have to mean less time for your beauty routine. With the rise of the lip and cheek tint, you get that perfect sun kissed naturally flushed back from holiday look in one quick swipe.

Tan Luxe, Super glow

This hit keeps your skin glowing all day, when you add this after moisturiser your sure to beam. Boasting an antioxidant-rich ingredients list to brighten skin and boost collagen production, this serum also gives a burst of hydration upon application.

Olaplex, No.6

This concentrated leave-in smoothing cream is excellent for all hair types including colored and chemically treated hair. Olaplex N.6 strengthens, hydrates, moisturises and speeds up blow-dry times while smoothing and helps to heal those unwanted split ends.

Joviality, Strong & Long Nail Oil

Nails that have been neglected will not endure your weekly manicure and will start to break which is never fun. Nightly treatment with this oil will have a direct impact on your nail health and care. Keeping your nails long, strong and beautiful for life.

Kate Summerville, Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Known as ‘the hollywood 2-minute facial’, ExfoliKate is Kate Somerville’s bestselling, dual-action exfoliator, which delivers incredible results in as little as one use. The secret to a glowing, ‘fresh from the skin clinic’ complexion lies in the advanced ingredients used in this formula.

Second Nature, Herbal Tea

Lots of the beauty world are switching to herbal teas to boost internal health, and since the uprising of information regarding the dehydrating factor of caffeine heavy drinks wreaks havoc on our health, skin and hair. It’s best to make the switch and have your skin boost with hydration.

Kawket, K- Balm

You always need this multipurpose balm nearby a healthier version of Vaseline. Heal cracks and sores on skin or dab under eyes prior to eyeshadow application to protect skin as you apply makeup. You can use this balm for everything which makes it a super time and cost savor in your beauty routine.

Glamglow, Glowstarter Moisturiser

If you’re not looking to wear a full face of makeup and want your skin to simply be the focal point, then this is a great light weight product to enhance your flawless skin.

Milk Makeup, Eye Pigment

This may be one of the easiest eye shadows to ever be used. This eye pigment is true to its name and comes in 8 extremely pigmented shades.

Fenty Beauty, Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Gloss

The non-sticky formula allows this gloss to glide on seamlessly and leaves you with an extra glossy finish. The rosy nude shade quite literally complements every skin tone whether your light-skinned or dark skinned.

Beauty Blender

This may have been one of the biggest hits of the whole decade. When the Beauty Blender hit the market, it took everyone by surprise and quickly became one of the most bought beauty products. In a way it revolutionised the way we apply makeup and it became a beauty staple for everyone out there.

Charlotte Tilbury, Wonder Glow

Charlotte Tilbury is a hugely respected name within the beauty industry, so it’s no surprise that she would be on this list. The Wonder Glow is a great base product that will create an effortlessly dewy finish.

Maybelline, Instant Age Rewind Concealer

Drugstore products can sometimes become products we simply can’t live without. This one from Maybelline is not only extremely popular within the community, but it is also an unbelievable product. In terms of concealers, it’s extremely easy to use and seamlessly covers up dark circles and blemishes. It’s definitely a product that everyone should have in their makeup bags.

Benefit, Hoola Matte Bronzer

One could argue that this was the product that launched Benefit within the beauty world. This cutely packaged bronzer launched in a time where everyone was obsessed with contouring and wanted to have a bronze glow.

Nars, The Multiple Multi Purpose Stick

We all love a product that can be used for a number of purposes. The Multiple from Nars can be used on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. The creamy formula makes application extremely easy and blendable, allowing you to achieve an effortlessly natural glow.

Morrocanoil, Hair Treatment

This brand may have unofficially put Argan oil, an extremely popular product for nourishing and softening skin, hair, and nails, on the map. This original hair treatment uses all the properties and benefits or argan oil to completely nourish and revitalise hair.

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