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Top 5 Hydrating Mists For Summer

As much as we love tanning and swimming in the sun for hours on end, too much exposure can cause dryness and irritation. This is why we need to constantly feed our skin and hair with nutrients that are hydrating and nourishing, ensuring that we’re staying healthy and looking our best while we enjoy our beach days. Enter hydrating mists- whether they are toners, leave-in hair sprays or facial mists, these products will give you an instant boost of energy, leaving your skin and hair soft and glowing. We picked out our top 5 hydrating mists for summer. Check them out below!

Essentials, Hydrating Facial Mist

Another much-needed product this season? The Essentials, Hydrating Facial Mist. Suitable for all skin types, this cooling mist is formulated with hyaluronic acid and panthenol to lock in moisture and revive dull and dehydrated skin. It also contains aloe vera, another skin-loving ingredient that will soothe your skin and be the perfect refresher on a sunny day.

Eva Cosmetics, Sun & Sea Hair Sun Protection Spray SPF 15

Formulated to protect your hair from damage, dryness, split ends, breakage, loss of proteins, and degradation of pigment caused by UVA & UVB harmful sun rays, this Hair Sun Protection Spray is a beach bag must-have. It’s infused with coconut oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E so you can guarantee soft, hydrated and healthy hair while you tan and bathe in the sun.

Areej Aromatherapy, Rose Floral Water

Use it as a toner or just as a midday refresher. The many benefits of rose water make this Rose Floral Water a great product. It helps retain moisture in the face, unclog pores, and has a tremendous cooling effect to minimize inflammation and redness. It also has a wonderful scent that will have you feeling so calm and relaxed with just one spritz.

Earthbath, Citrus & Argan Leave-In Spray

Argan, citrus, aloe vera, and rosemary extract… Need we say more? This ultra-nourishing leave-in spray is not only hydrating but will give your hair all the love and protection it needs by effectively fighting off frizz, detangling it and leaving it with a silky smooth finish.

Sensera Aromatherapy, Glowing Facial Toner

This Glowing Facial Toner by Sensera will bring out your face’s natural radiance, giving you a burst of hydration and effectively tightening your pores. Not only that, but it also has a lovely floral scent that will leave you feeling so good!

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