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10 Beauty Buys Under 100 EGP!

Bisou Lip Oil
Brow Styling Soap
Rose Water Floral Toner
Emollient Hand & Body Cream Emollient Hand & Body Cream
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Strawberry Lip Scrub
Skin Purifying Charcoal & Vitamin E Sheet Mask
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Manuka Honey & Vanilla Shower Cream
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Peach Tint
Aloe Eva Argan Hair Mask

Who says your beauty routine has to cost a fortune? Over here at Source Beauty, we know how hard it is to shop for self care and makeup products while on a budget. While these 10 beauty buys are under 100 EGP, they’re also fabulous products that we can’t recommend enough! 

Bless, Leave in Conditioner

If you're someone who has low porosity hair, then this leave-in conditioner, infused with jojoba oil and shea butter, will deeply moisturize and hydrate your hair, restoring it to its natural strength and shine.

Braes, Bisou Lip Oil

Create lusciously smooth and velvety soft lips with the Bisou Lip Oil from Braes, a product that conditions and nourishes. For lips that feel hydrated and full, the lip oil can be applied during the day as required. Alternatively, apply at bedtime and leave to work as an overnight conditioner.

Caroline Beauty, Brow Styling Soap

Achieve the perfectly shaped brows with this Brow Styling Soap from Caroline Beauty. This soap is perfect for getting fluffy brushed up brows that will stay in place all day and night.

Sensera Aromatherapy, Rose Water Floral Toner

Purify, hydrate and nourish the skin with the Sensera Aromatherapy Rose Water, a soothing cleanser that works to clean pores, tone skin, and hydrate your complexion. The multitude of benefits of rose water range from maintaining the skin's pH balance to anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that work to heal scars and wounds and remove dirt and excess oil from the skin. 

Luna, Emollient Hand & Body Cream

Deeply moisturize and hydrate your skin with the Luna Emollient Hand & Body Cream. A cream rich in cocoa butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. The super hydrating properties will have a long-lasting effect and ensure that your skin is smooth and soft all day.

Gizmo, Strawberry Lip Scrub

Give your lips the ultimate treatment with this Strawberry Lip Scrub from Gizmo. This sugar based scrub will leave your lips completely exfoliated and hydrated, leaving them soft and supple.

Bobana, Skin Purifying Charcoal & Vitamin E Sheet Mask

Revitalize your skin with Bobana’s Skin Purifying Charcoal & Vitamin E sheet mask in just 15 minutes. This deep-cleansing sheet mask works to purify and nourish your skin, all while reducing the appearance of visible pores. The charcoal acts as an active ingredient that cleanses away excess dirt and oils, and unclogs your pores. The vitamin E helps to keep your skin nourished and hydrated.

Everyoung, Manuka Honey & Vanilla Shower Cream

Make your skin smoother and healthier than ever with EverYoung’s Manuka Honey & Vanilla Shower Cream. This natural, cruelty-free and vegan cream creates a luxurious lather, while adding a soft silky touch to your skin, as well as nourishing and repairing the skin barrier.

Haj Arafa, Peach Tint

This Haj Arafa Matte Peach Tint will give you a natural pop of color. It is a lightweight and buildable formula that will allow you to enhance your look and help you achieve a natural yet flushed complexion.

Eva Cosmetics, Aloe Eva Argan Hair Mask

Add shine and strength to your hair with the Aloe Eva Argan Hair Mask. This formula will provide smoothness, shine, and reduce frizz. The humectants work to add necessary hydration and will also help in retaining moisture, ensuring your hair is left soft and healthy.

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