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10 Best New Buys of July 2024

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Eyebrows Soap & Brush Eyebrows Soap & Brush
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Body Butter (Skin Food)
New Arrival
Sunscreen Milk SPF50+ Sunscreen Milk SPF50+
EGP 375.00 EGP 337.50
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Bodium Stretch Mark Cream
Sold out
Lip Plumper Lip Plumper
Save EGP 20.00
Flexi Brush Flexi Brush
EGP 100.00 EGP 80.00
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Tetra Glow Face Whitening Gel Cleanser
Natural Tanning and Body Oil SPF15
New Arrival
Supreme Mascara - Arabian Black
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Warm Bronze Body Glow Warm Bronze Body Glow
EGP 270.00 EGP 243.00
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It’s July, and the summer sun is hotter than ever. This season is all about feeling fresh, looking fabulous, and having fun! For our best buys of July 2024, we’ve handpicked products that we think are must-haves this summer. Whether looking for makeup, skincare, or body care, you’ll find some brand-new favorites below…


  1. Body Cravings, Eyebrows Soap & Brush

Achieve perfectly groomed brows easily using Body Cravings' Eyebrows Soap & Brush, a dynamic duo designed to effortlessly shape and define your eyebrows. Crafted with Glycerin Soap, Castor Oil, and Jojoba Oil, this innovative formula keeps your brows in place while nourishing and conditioning them.

  1. Nankar, Body Butter (Skin Food)

Reveal your most glowing, healthy-looking skin with Nankar Body Butter (Skin Food). A decadent treat for dry, dehydrated skin, its rich, velvety texture envelops skin in a surge of moisture, locking in hydration for a smooth, supple feel. Enriched with nutrient-dense botanical ingredients that strengthen the skin's natural barrier, it reveals a radiant, healthy-looking glow.

  1. Helmaderm, Sunscreen Milk SPF50+

Protect and hydrate your skin with Helmaderm Sunscreen Cream SPF 50+. This advanced sunscreen milk delivers maximum protection while deeply hydrating and soothing your skin. Its broad-spectrum SPF 50+ formula safeguards against UVA and UVB rays and rapidly absorbs into the skin without leaving behind greasiness or white residue.

  1. Hayah Laboratories, Bodium Stretch Mark Cream

Restore your skin's youthful look and suppleness with Bodium Stretch Mark Cream. Its non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and renewed. Formulated with nourishing ingredients, it reduces the appearance of existing stretch marks and helps prevent new ones from forming during pregnancy or weight changes.

  1. Essentials, Lip Plumper

Essentials Lip Plumper gives you the fuller, plumper pout you've always wanted. This innovative formula contains hyaluronic acid, which helps your lips retain moisture and plumps them up by promoting cell growth. Fine lines and wrinkles around the lips are diminished, leaving you with smoother, softer lips. 

  1. Plumpy Curls, Flexi Brush

This is the perfect hair care companion that will revolutionize your styling routine. It is designed to make your life easier and your hair happier. This versatile brush's flexible head effortlessly glides through tangles and knots, minimizing breakage and damage.

  1. Maqam Cosmetics, Tetra Glow Face Whitening Gel Cleanser

Maqam Cosmetics' Tetra Glow Face Whitening Cleanser is a cutting-edge dermo-cosmetic product that combines depigmenting and whitening properties. Formulated with Lumiskin™ and tranexamic acid technology, this gel cleanser tones and brightens the skin while effectively lightening dark spots.

  1. Bali Body, Natural Tanning & Body Oil SPF15

Experience the ultimate tanning and skincare with Bali Body's Natural Tanning and Body Oil SPF15. This lightweight oil deeply hydrates and smooths your skin and offers SPF15 protection against both UVB and UVA rays. Enriched with organic and natural ingredients, it caters to all skin types and tones, including sensitive skin.

  1. Glamicblend, Supreme Mascara - Arabian Black

Experience the benefits of Glamic Blend's Supreme Mascara for enhanced lash health and protection. This specially formulated mascara prioritizes eye safety and avoids potentially harmful ingredients. While it may not provide dramatic lash thickening, its main advantage lies in its safer composition, reducing the risk of irritation, particularly for sensitive eyes.

  1. Skin 101, Warm Bronze Body Glow

Get your glow on with Skin 101 Warm Body Glow, a unique formula that hydrates your skin while giving it a gorgeous glow. The light-reflecting minerals catch the light beautifully, making your skin look radiant and luminous. Your skin will feel soft, smooth, and silky.

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