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5 Best Natural Shampoos

Augmenter Le Volume Volumizing Shampoo
Moisture Bae Natural Shampoo
Super Greens Shampoo
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Co Wash Cleansing Conditioner

We’re currently living in the middle of a sustainability revolution. Transforming our lifestyles into one that utilises and endorses an environmental and natural way of living seems to be at the forefront of all our minds at the moment.

Whilst many of us tirelessly look up ingredients on the labels for our skincare products, our shampoos and conditioners are often overlooked. If your hair is unusually dry and dull then chances are that sulfates, parabens, and a range of other additives could be to blame. The thing to note that is sulfates are the foaming agents in shampoos.

It’s the ingredient that makes your shampoo bubbly and foamy when you massage into your hair. It may feel like that lather is what’s cleansing your hair, but in reality a shampoo that’s sulfate free will effectively cleanse your hair whilst still making it healthy at the same time. Below are our favourite natural shampoos.

The Best Natural Shampoos in Egypt

Braes, Volumizing Shampoo

This all natural shampoo from Braes, will not only help you cleanse your hair but will effectively reduce frizz and increase volume. The special blend of Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and argain oil will work to minimize breakage and split ends. It’s also SLS and paraben free. Check out the rest of Braes’ range to get the complete collection.

 Joviality, Moisture Bae Natural Shampoo

Suffering from dried out and damaged locks? This sulfate free shampoo from Joviality is enriched with the powerful Moroccan Argan Oil and will work to perfectly cleanse your hair whilst ensuring its provided the necessary moisture and hydration.

EarthBath, Super Greens Shampoo

This ultra moisturizing and sulfate free shampoo is ideal for those with very dry, damaged, and chemically treated hair. Infused with kiwi and avocado fruit extract and aloe vera, this natural shampoo will intensely moisturize and repair dry hair.

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Norshek, So Nice Hair Shampoo

No one ever said that shampoo had to come in liquid form. This natural Norshek shampoo bar will properly clean your hair and will not strip away natural oils or leave any chemical residue, unlike other shampoos. This bar will ensure your hair is kept healthy and hydrated.

Infinity Naturals, Co Wash Cleansing Conditioner

This Co Wash Cleansing Conditioner will clean without stripping or depleting your hairs' natural oils and nutrients. This nourishing conditioner will improve the look, strength, and texture of your hair whilst also reducing breakage.

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